Tip-Top Richmond Hill Hijinks

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 We feel so sad for all the Torontonians based south of the 407. They are completely missing out on the untold riches of Richmond Hill. First off, there’s great shopping on Yonge Street at Hillcrest Mall with the updated Hudson’s Bay and new Sporting Life store, and you can grab a drink at a nearby pub after your shopping adventure. But also not to be missed is Richmond Hill’s diversity and incredible closeness to nature. Take a walk at Mill Pond or visit the wonderful Lake Wilcox Park, and see for yourself how easy it is to relax and enjoy the amazing scenery.

But if all that won’t amuse you, take a look at our suggestions for a tip-top time in Richmond Hill! From puzzling escape rooms and bubble soccer action, we’re sure you’ll find something to discover and enjoy.

#1 – Freeing Canada Station

We’ve got another adventure for you—a top notch escape room game at Freeing Canada Station. You can play this one on Yonge Street in the heart of Richmond Hill, knowing that the same franchise operates in Hong Kong, Italy, China, Singapore, even India . . . basically all around the world. There are five rooms with 45 or 60 minutes gameplay, depending on the room you pick. Before you immerse yourself in one of the stories, make sure you grab some free popcorn from the lounge area. There are even board games available to amuse yourselves while waiting for your turn. Rooms vary in difficulty and in theme, so find your favorite among their options.

#2 – PVP Sports

Playing sports never looks as awesome as when you and your teammates are dressed up in large bubble suits! That is how you roll at PVP Sports, a huge Bubble Soccer facility on Granton Drive. From kid parties to bachelor parties, this place can accommodate you and your friends and give you everything you need for the game of your life! The rules are simple—the game has to be friendly and fun, but it’s up to you to decide how will you win. Bubble suits are sanitized for every player and the teams are usually split into groups of four or six people. However, the game can host up to 20 players per game. Follow the referee’s whistle and hit the ball hard!

If you’re done with long walks and shopping trips, then it’s time to change your usual weekend fun for an intensive bubble soccer game or some detective work in an escape room. Check out all Hijinks has to offer here.

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