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How to Escape an Escape Room

Escape rooms are spreading like crazy throughout the city. In the last few years, escape rooms have become popular destinations for parties, team building events, and even dates. And with so many escape rooms to chose from, can you really be surprised? If you are looking to escape reality for an hour—hop into an escape room. But, if you’re looking for a strategy on how to escape the escape room every time, then look no more! Check out our foolproof guide on how to successfully finish the game. 

#1 – Having fun is the key

If you want to unlock a door, a key is what you need, but if you want to escape an escape room, then having a fun, positive attitude is the key to success. Many groups have better communication if they are genuinely having a good time. We understand that you might get a little competitive, but a positive attitude leaves to door open to creative thinking, and that will lead you right to the answers.

Having fun will also help you get through the scary bits. Many escape rooms operate under dim lighting and have some seriously freaky props—so when one of your friends gets frightened, be sure to laugh it off and tease them about it later. (Unless your friend gets really scared in which case maybe try consoling them first and then laughing later.)

#2 – Words and numbers are important

A lot of escape rooms in Toronto use number and word puzzles. After you get familiar with the room’s story, you’ll probably start to notice clues scattered all around the room. Pay special attention to the words and the numbers found on those clues—they will probably be pieces of the combination for opening a lockbox or solving a puzzle. Nothing is random or coincidental in escape rooms.

#3 – When you get stuck, ask a friend

You should remember that the puzzles in escape rooms can be quite challenging, so when it seems like you’re stuck, maybe give the puzzle to one of your friends, and here’s why. When someone works on a puzzle, their brain gets too focused on it and they experience tunnel vision. Suddenly they cannot see the puzzle any way but one way. A friend will look at it with a fresh perspective and may find the combination more easily! If you are really, really get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask the gamemaster for a hint. Leave that ego at the door.

#4 – Touch Everything

But not like, your friend’s date or like the gamemaster and the escape room staff. But everything else is fair game! The biggest mistake rookies make is thinking the items in the room are just decoration. While it’s partly true (the room will be decorated to a theme, after all), many people will fail to find a clue just because it looked like it was nothing. But remember, everything in the escape room is there for a reason! The biggest clues are sometimes hidden in the random objects, sometimes they are stuck to the floor, or even the ceiling! (But not in the ceiling. You will never need to pull down the ceiling tiles.) And while the escape room staff will make it clear that some things are not to be touched (usually no clues hiding in the electrical sockets, kids), everything else can be moved and manipulated. Sometimes you need to look at them in the mirror, or under the blacklight. Just remember to check out everything!

#5 – Elementary, My Dear Watson

Sometimes the greatest solution is the simplest one. Before you try to combine all your logical skills with your specialized knowledge of Latin and algebra, maybe you should just try to use a simple solution. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t be creative, we’re just saying that sometimes it’s the simple and small things that give you the answer first.

Now that you know about all the roadblocks and hints, hop onto your adventure in the escape room nearest you. Follow these simple rules—have fun and enjoy, and remember to celebrate both your success and failure. The important part of the game is not solving the puzzle, it’s the journey along the way.

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