What Is Paintball?

Paintball’s a classic activity for friends looking for something fun to do on the weekend. It’s such a given in our modern society that paintball is even a rom-com staple (10 Things I Hate About You, anyone?). But if you’ve never tried paintball, never been on the paintball pitch, it can seem super intimidating. With so many great options for paintball nearby, don’t let a few butterflies stop you from achieving paintball domination.

It’s a game

At its core, paintball is a game of strategy. It’s a mixture of sport and gaming. The rules are simple—there are two teams and two colors. Players use special paintball guns to shoot their opponents. Each team member has a gun, and the winner is usually the last one standing or the one who to claim the territory.

It’s super fun

Despite the whole business about getting shot, repeatedly, paintball is super fun. The primary purpose of paintball is to provide high-quality fun for friends. Sure, it can be demanding to run, hide, and chase people on the terrain, but the whole reason people play it is because it’s a total rush. The game can be played indoors and outdoors, during the day, or in the dark. Terrains vary from grass, sand, and stone, to specially adapted storages with the full military theme. Guns are easy to use and you if you are a first timer you will get thorough instructions before the game.

It runs on enthusiasm and teamwork

Like in any group sport, in paintball, you also need to cooperate and be a part of a team. Within an hour of gameplay you’ll usually get to play around five or six matches, so you’ll have plenty of chances to learn how to play to your teams strengths and work together as a unit. Even though players carry guns and shoot each other, paintball is not considered a dangerous nor aggressive game. Paintballers are generally more focused on strategy and good sportsmanship.

It’s a great workout

Given a usual game lasts between one and four hours, you’ll get plenty of cardio! A good game of paintball involves a lot of running, crouching, dodging, and sometimes climbing, so you’re going to get a total body workout. Playing paintball improves flexibility and ups your endurance. It’s also beneficial for your psyche, and it helps you reduce stress and anxiety. All the activity increases your metabolism, and if you make it part of your regular workout plan, you’ll start to notice positive changes in your body. There are plenty of paintball leagues for the serious paintballers, and if you become regular you can even buy your own paintball guns and equipment and take them with you every time you play (and save on the entrance fee, too). With an active lifestyle and healthy diet, playing paintball can even result in weight loss.

It’s great value for your money

Most paintball matches last for a full afternoon, and some providers don’t have a time limit, so that you can play until you run out of ammo. The price per person varies from $20 to $35 for the whole session. You get between 50 and 100 paintballs, safety gear, and basic safety instructions—all for a bit more than two hours at the movies.

It’s not a party without paintball

If you haven’t watched a single rom-com in the past twenty years, we’re happy to tell you that paintball is a very attractive option bachelor parties. It’s also great for bachelorettes, birthday parties, corporate celebrations, and team building events. It’s active, competitive, it gets people out of their comfort zones—everything you want out of a successful celebration.

Even though paintball may seem like an extreme activity, it’s actually a great option for friends, parties, and corporate events alike. Sure, the paint balls hurt a little bit, but the bruises are like battle scars, so bucker up! There are several reputable paintballers near you—so if you’re looking to take the plunge and make a splash (too cheesy?) check one out for your next group activity.

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