Expert Pole Dancing Tips

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When it comes to pole dancing there are few things you should know before you take your first class. First and foremost pole dancing is an excellent form of exercise that will make you super fit and super confident! Second, it’s better to be safe than sorry, so listen carefully to the instructors and, please, do not try it at home, no matter how much you want to. There are plenty of great pole dancing studios in the GTA, so start there before you try DIY pole dancing. Also you need to warm up your body before beginning, and you need to come prepared. Take a look at our expert pole dancing tips, and make sure you’re ready for your next class.

#1 – Sweaty palms? Sweaty problems

You might be a nervous sweater or maybe you just really don’t do well in warm exercise rooms, but sweaty palms can be a real pain when you’re pole dancing. To deal with this problem, try washing your hands and avoid hand creams (despite the winter cold!) before coming to class. You can use talc powder and other types of powders that athletes use. Just don’t use baby powder! Not a good idea. If you’re still struggling, ask your instructors; they deal with similar problems all the time.

#2 – Leave the moisturizer at home

While it’s perfectly sensible to come to your workout clean and showered, you might want to skip the moisturizer. Lotion or body butter on your skin will make it pretty much impossible to grip the pole. (Mental image, right?) You will have such a bad time trying to stay on it, so your whole experience will be ruined. You can moisturize on days when you don’t have a class. Don’t worry, your skin won’t be affected by your new routine. It’s better to skip a day and save yourself from painful falls and injuries.

#3 – Show some skin

Bare legs, stomach, and arm pits (yes, arm pits) are a must when it comes to pole dancing, and it has nothing to do with aesthetics. It’s necessary to expose your skin so that you can have contact with the pole so you can perform certain moves. Any sort of clothing will make gripping the pole impossible. The best pole dancing outfit is a sports bra or a tank crop top, short shorts, and bare feet. Some studios advise wearing sneakers at the beginning, but bare feet will give you more control. Have a pair of indoor sneakers ready in case you want to start your training with shoes on. If you need some time to warm up your new, scanty pole dancing ensemble, start by wearing knee-length bike shorts for first few classes. In the first week, you only need to have back of your knees exposed. Later, you can progress to more advanced moves and less clothing.

#4 – Get ready for pole kisses

Pole kisses, a.k.a. those angry bruises you get on your skin from sliding the wrong way on the pole, are an absolutely normal side effect of pole dancing. Beginner classes are full of excitement and adrenaline—and a few wrong moves since you are only getting used to the pole. Good news is that it gets better over time, the bad news is that you have to get used to pain—and the kisses. And while you might be loving your pole dancing class, you may not love the way your pole dancing class leaves angry red welts all over your arms, legs, and stomach. First things first, try to be as careful as possible. Concentrate on every move, follow the instructions, and don’t worry about getting bruised. Healing has to come from the inside, so stock up on fresh vegetables and fruit and invest in some good supplements. If you have vitamin C, B12, zinc or potassium deficiency you may bruise easily, so get your hands on some good supplements (but start with you’re the fruits and veggies first!).

#5 – Also get ready for angry burns

Pole burns and chaffed skin, like bruises, are normal and not something to be worried about. But there are methods to reducing the pain once you’ve gotten burned. Burns are abrasions on your skin caused by friction from the pole. Aloe Vera gel does wonders for your skin, and it’s especially good for treating burns. Apply to your burned area after the shower, and repeat the process every day. Avoid your regular body lotions or any type of cream that has a lot of perfume—they can sting and make things worse.

#6 – Think about fitness and wellness

Most pole dancing instructors will tell you that you don’t need to be super fit to start pole dancing. And they are absolutely right. No need to wait for that perfect moment when you finally shed some extra weight and get more in shape to start pole dancing. You should start dancing right away and get fitter by doing that! But there is no way to progress and be good at it if you don’t pay special attention to your fitness. So, say no to lazy days, overeating, and alcohol. Alcohol makes you bruise easily (it’s a blood thinner) and so does the Aspirin that you might take for your hangover. Warm up before every class, eat well, and don’t restrict your diet unnaturally.

The best mantra is learning by doing, but with pole dancing, it’s good have a few insider tips in advance. So pick up some Aloe Vera, strap on those booty shorts, and hit the poles!

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