So You Want To Try Ninja Warrior Training?

ninja warrior training toronto

You’ve probably heard of ninja warrior training. Whether it was a friend bragging about their most recent workout at Toronto’s hottest gym, Pursuit OCR, or a roundup of Toronto’s most unconventional workouts of 2016, you know that ninja warrior training is the newest thing in recreation and fitness and you want to try it. Problem is, you have no idea what it actually is, and no idea how to get started. Simply put, ninja warrior training is the best workout you’ll ever have. Fortunately for you, there are gyms right here in Toronto that have specifically designed ninja warrior obstacle courses—and we’re going to tell you right now exactly what you can expect when you get there.

It started off as a TV show

You’ve probably heard of ninja warrior training because before it was a workout it was a TV show: American Ninja Warrior. American Ninja Warrior first aired in 2009 as the American spin-off of the Japanese show Sasuke. In American Ninja Warrior, competitors undergo a series of obstacles courses that test their agility, strength, and speed. It’s pretty intense.

Ninja warrior training evolved as the workout athletes would use to prepare to compete in the show. But not everyone who does ninja warrior training participates in the contest—it’s become a completely independent workout regimen, sometimes known as OCR, or obstacle course racing. The good news is, if you’re not prepping to compete on national television, ninja warrior training is actually a lot of fun.

It will put you in the best shape of your life

Ninja warrior training gyms are made up of intense courses comprised of classic obstacles like Salmon Ladders, Spider Walls, Swinging Bars, Tight Ropes, Up & Over Walls, and more. These courses force you to utilize all the muscles in your body leading to a full body workout that’s hard to achieve elsewhere. You need to come prepared to get low, take risks, and rely on the strength of your own body. All of the exercises are focused on strength, agility, balance, and flexibility. You’ll come out of it with strong arms, strong legs, and a rocking core.

You can go with your friends

While all that may sound kind of intimidating, it’s actually really fun. There’s a reason that Toronto’s own Pursuit OCR calls itself adult recess. These courses are designed for two people to run together, and for several teams to be on the courses at the same time, so it’s a great activity to get up to with your pals.

You can drop by and run the course or take a class

If you’re feeling pretty confident, you can just drop in and give the course a try. But if you’re not so sure of yourself, you can also book ninja warrior classes. Classes will help you get oriented on the course and cover the basic techniques for conquering the obstacles. The Monkey Vault and Aspire Climbing offer ninja warrior classes. Additionally, Pursuit OCR has a whole host of fitness classes specifically designed to help you master skills you’ll need on the course. If you really love it, most gyms offer monthly unlimited packs or memberships.

You can go for a corporate team building event

Before you write this off too quickly as being completely outside your comfort zone, remember that obstacle course racing isn’t too far off from treetop trekking or ziplining—only you can do OCR in the winter when most zipling facilities are shut down. Not to mention many ninja warrior facilities specialize in team building events, like Pursuit OCR which can accommodate groups from 5 to 200 people and has a private space in the upper gallery where you can bring in food. You can cheer on your colleagues, cream your opponents, and watching your boss fall into the ball pit.

If you’re looking for a new way to work out and stay fit, check out ninja warrior training. It’s an intense workout for your full body and it’s a lot of fun. You can enroll in a class to get yourself going, or just drop-in with a few of your more ambitious friends. Check out these ninja warrior gyms in Toronto!

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