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Ninja Warrior Training Gyms In Toronto

Did you know there are places in Toronto where you can swing on monkey bars, climb jungle gyms, and play in ball pits and call it a workout? Well, first of all, yes, there are. And second of all, as fun as it sounds this is no workout to scoff at. Ninja warrior training and OCR (obstacle course racing) gyms are the newest trend revolutionizing fitness. This is the ultimate total body workout—no more putting your brain on autopilot on the treadmill forty minutes. Childlike, entertaining, and uniquely fun—these are the best gyms for ninja warrior training in Toronto.

Pursuit OCR ninja warrior training

Pursuit OCR is located in downtown Toronto near Queen and Dufferin and it’s a great option for alternative workouts and adults-only drop-in hours.

Pursuit OCR
Little Portugal

Pursuit OCR is a huge, 10,000 sq. ft. obstacle training facility located on Dufferin north of Queen. This gym specializes in alternative fitness and attracts those who like to push the limits of a regular workout. The design itself is reason enough to stop by: the facility looks like a retro community center with teal walls and orange accents. And the main attraction, the obstacle course, doesn’t disappoint with nineteen obstacles designed to engage every part of your body. Pursuit OCR is more than just an obstacle course—it’s a lifestyle. From the cryosauna (you heard right) to the courses in injury prevention, Pursuit OCR is about the full fitness package, not just the workout. Check out their specialized fitness classes, independent training area, and the private room in the upper gallery for parties and team building events. This is an 18+ facility, though they do have special offers for teens and kids.

Day pass costs: $20 per person

Go here for: adults-only obstacle course racing

The Monkey Vault ninja warrior training

The Monkey Vault began as a parkour collective. Today their gym in Toronto Stockyards is one of the biggest with its high ceilings and both indoor and outdoor play spaces.

The Monkey Vault
The Stockyards

Located on Symes Road near Runnymede and Saint Clair West you’ll find The Monkey Vault, a 10,000 sq. ft. alternative fitness arena. One of the first of its kind in Toronto, The Monkey Vault was founded in 2008, moving to its current location in 2013. It’s more parkour-focused than its contemporaries—it began, after all, as a parkour collective—but it has extensive fitness offerings including ninja warrior training, stunt training, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Housed in a huge refurbished refinery in Toronto’s old Stockyards, The Monkey Vault is huge with towering ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, and impressive jungle-gym configurations. Here you’ll find dozens of ropes, stairs, barriers, bridges, quad steps, and climbing walls. They offer parkour classes and well as open gyms. Check out their parkour classes for kids and teens as well as their parkour class specifically designed for women.

Drop-in daily rate is: $15 per person

Go here for: parkour and free running

Aspire Climbing and Fitness ninja warrior training

Aspire Climbing and Fitness in Milton has one of the most affordable day rates in the GTA and offers both rock climbing and ninja warrior training.

Aspire Climbing & Fitness

Aspire Climbing & Fitness located in Milton, Ontario, just north of Oakville, combines rock climbing and ninja warrior training. This is a bonafide ninja warrior gym with all the classic obstacles, like the Salmon Ladder and a 12-foot Warped Wall. What sets Aspire’s is the only course in Toronto that uses interchangeable swinging elements like in American Ninja Warrior. You can book a ninja warrior day pass here for $14, making it the most affordable option on the GTA. They also offer ninja warrior classes for adults and for kids as well as ninja warrior kids birthday parties. It can get a little crowded on the weekends, so keep that in mind when booking.

Day pass costs: $14 per person

Go here for: rock climbing and ninja warrior training

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