Types of Escape Rooms

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Escape rooms are an awesome way to spent some time with your friends, especially with so many great rooms to choose from near you. But different folks are hoping for different kinds of experiences when that key clicks in the lock. Did you know there are different types of escape rooms? Knowing the kind of experience you’re looking for will help you to pick the best room for you and your friends next time you’re setting out. Here’s the quick rundown. There are four different types of escape rooms, and they vary in terms of theme, style, and execution and can easily be classified as level 1, 2, 3, and 4. Though of course everyone will have different classifications, this is how we break it down.

Level 1

If you’re a beginner then this type of escape room will appeal to you the most. It’s simple and stimulating. These escape rooms are low-tech, in that is there is no technology in the game experience. The locks are all lock boxes or padlocks and information is delivered through conventional methods like written language on papers, posters, walls, under desks. . . The game relies on player input to move the game forward—nothing will move on its own.

Level 2

This type of escape room will appeal to you and your friends if you’re into puzzles and electronic gadgets. Rather than clues being delivered statically via written language, in this type of escape room clues are more likely to be delivered by tripping electronic sensors and instead of lock boxes there will be release-triggered mechanisms. Rather than the user needing to input the energy to drive the game forward, these types of escape rooms make use of magnetic, kinetic, or electronic potential.

Level 3

A level three escape room takes things up a notch. Here when you enter your escape room you’ll be cocooned in a cohesive web of technological innovation. If that sounds appealing to you, read on! In this type of escape room, the padlocks are gone and instead puzzles will be unlocked automatically via a computer-based system once you have solved the clue. These systems are integrated into clusters which allow the gamemaster to control your movement through the game in a logical, linear fashion. The computers run the show in these types of escape rooms.

Level 4

If you want more, the level four escape room experience is for you. Gone are the handwritten notes, scrawled clues on the backs of posters and inside coffins (vampire themes are very popular after all): clues in a level four escape room will be delivered to you through responsive systems built into the room. All the doors are automated and the whole game is run by integrated computers that ensure seamless transitions.

But let us remind you that just because a room is high-tech, that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be an awesome escape room. Having tech can definitely improve your escape experience, but if the room doesn’t meet the basic escape room requirements, it won’t matter. You’re much better off going with a well-designed, thoughtfully executed low-tech escape room than a poorly designed high-tech one any day. Check out the escape room nearest you and happy escaping!

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