How to Survive Axe Throwing With Your Coworkers

axe throwing

Let’s start with the most obvious tip: if you want to survive axe throwing with your coworkers, don’t stand in the axe throwing lane while your boss is winding up. Axe throwing is actually a pretty good option for team building because most people have never experienced it before and, although it may seem intimidating, it’s pretty easy to pick up. Not to mention, you can go axe throwing right in your city, so it’s convenient for you team. All you need is a positive outlook and some simple coping mechanisms to survive the day!

#1 – Don’t worry if you’re not “good” at it

Chances are almost no one in your office has tried axe throwing before–and that’s actually a good thing. You’ll all be starting at the beginning–so you’ll be equally bad at it. Before you start, the professional instructors will give you a basic demonstration and explain the rules, so you’ll all have the chance to progress together.

#2 – Leave your comfort zone

The only zone you should stay within at axe throwing is the steel fence of your axe throwing lane. (Seriously folks, safety first!) Relax, it’s okay not to know how to throw the axe and hit the bullseye. You are learning something new together and that builds up mutual trust and the sense of togetherness. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you work together. It’s also amazing how much you can tease your coworkers later on—all in the spirit of good team building, of course.

#3 – Aim for the target, not for perfection

No one expects you to be a secret axe ninja. It’s good enough if you can chuck the axe at all–forget about even hitting the target! So relax: you don’t have to achieve a perfect score. The important part is to have fun and bound with your team. Soon all of you will be switching from casual Fridays to mandatory lumberjack flannel every day.

#4 – Drinks are after the game

Most axe throwing venues have a BYO food and drink policy, but not all of them allow alcohol. If your boss or head of HR is cool enough to book you a venue that serves alcohol, or if you guys do a little predrink out of the back of someone’s car in the parking lot (super classy, guys), you should make sure to watch your buzz. Who knows what kind of crazy ideas you’ll have when you’ve got that axe in your hands. Best plan to get debrief drinks after the game.

#5 – Support each other

It’s not nice to make fun of others, but it’s also not nice to miss out on a perfect opportunity for some good old fashioned teasing. Just be careful not to cross the line. Having an open and trustful relationship with your coworkers is beneficial not just for you, it’s good for everyone at the office. It means you’ll be able to get through some really challenging times with clients, deadlines, and contracts. And in the hardest times, you’ll be able to joke and tease each other. Humor is a great stress coping mechanism!

#6 – Be open-minded

Axe throwing is just for large men who like to lift heavy objects at the gym, right? Wrong. About 40% of axe throwers are female, so check that prejudice at the door. If you’re a lady, wield that axe with pride. And if you’re a guy, don’t for a second think your female co-workers won’t destroy you in the instant-death round.

So at your next team building event, remember to have a good time. Axe throwing is easy and it’s crazy fun. All you need to do is bring your sportsmanship and willingness to learn. With options nearby, there’s no reason you can’t pick up axe throwing on the regular afterward. Or maybe drop-in for a few practice session before the big day so you can show your team lead who the boss really is.

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