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Super Fun Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Surrey

You might think there’s nothing to do in Surrey—but then you’d be wrong. From Vancouver’s first—and only—axe throwing venue to a tricked-out trampoline park and first-class escape room, there’s plenty to do here without every having to hop on the SkyTrain. Sure Surrey might be known as the city of strip malls, suburban mazes, and wide-open spaces, but there’s a lot here to keep you entertained. Check out these 9 super fun things to do.

#1 – Reconnect to your Canadian roots at axe throwing

Surrey is home to Vancouver’s first and only axe throwing venue: Bad Axe Throwing. This strange Canadian pastime has swept through North America with locations across Canada and is spreading into the United States–and you can try it for yourself right here in Surrey. It’s exactly as it sounds: you throw axes. Crazy as it may seem, it’s also highly addictive and a lot of fun. You’ll need at least six people to book a two and a half hour event for the price of $44 per person. There are many different throwing styles, from zombie killer to two hands or backward, so follow the instructions and stay safe.

#2 – Escape in forty-five minutes at Exit

There’s a reason Exit is one of the most highly rated escape game franchises in Vancouver—these escape rooms are high-quality operations with excellent story design and immersion. And don’t let the word franchise turn you off—each of Exit’s locations has its own rooms and its own unique design—and the Surrey location is no different. Exit Surrey has four rooms, from a haunted museum to a spooky military base, a cabin on an island, and psych ward. Some of them are suitable for beginners, while others, like Psychiatric Ward, require brainiacs who won’t chicken out. The weekday price is $17; it goes to $24 on the weekends.

#3 – Try your hand at rock climbing

Rock climbing is one the most exciting and challenging recreational hobbies you could get into. Sure it used to be a popular choice for birthday parties when we were kids, but rock climbing deserves a second look. It’s a social activity with a great community, it’s mentally challenging and endlessly rewarding, and, best of all, it’s a solid workout that will never get old. At Coastal Climbing Centre you can start your rock climbing journey with a beginner’s class for $60, and then drop in for a single class for $19.

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#4 – Enjoy a glass of wine at Paint Nite

Art and alcohol have always made a great team—and now you can join the ranks of alcoholic artists the world over at your local Paint Nite! Here you’ll learn how to paint in the buzzing and social atmosphere of your favorite restaurant or bar. These painting classes are nothing like you remember from school—you’ll be taken step-by-step in the creation of your own masterpiece, from composition to color mixing and paint application on the canvas. Pro tip: the more relaxed you are (thanks to the wine) the more fun you’ll have! A single class is $45, it lasts for two hours, and all supplies are included. (Though wine, not technically a “supply,” is extra.)

#5 – Engage in an epic battle of archery tag

If you haven’t tried archery tag yet, where have you been?? Grab your arrows (foam tipped—we’re not savages) and engage in an epic battle of archery tag. Blast Archery offers combat archery games for $20, where you get 55 minutes of gameplay, a mini archery lesson, and plenty of chances to smite your enemies. Blast Archery hosts games all over the Lower Mainland but they’re based in beautiful Surrey, BC. You can play indoors or outdoors, depending on your fancy.

#6 – Divide and conquer at paintball

Whether it’s a bachelor, a bachelorette, or just TGIF check out Panther Paintball, located on 16th Avenue in South Surrey. This 55 acre outdoor paintball park has everything you need for an awesome game of combat paintball. A starter pack is $40 and it includes 100 paintballs, full day admission, rental gear, and safety equipment. But watch out—this park is a favorite among paintball enthusiasts and you’ll be any easy target in your borrowed gear. Get ready for a fight to the death! (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)


#7 – Let your imagination flow at Create-It Emporium

This totally cute arts and crafts studio located in the east end of Surrey offers beginner painting classes in a cozy and inviting environment. It doesn’t matter if you’re a talented painter or just starting out, these painting classes are for everyone—the only thing that matters is that you have fun. At Create-It Emporium you can take a painting class for $55. Best of all—it comes with a complimentary glass of wine—liquid inspiration!

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