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Top Escape Rooms in Downtown Vancouver

Escape rooms are popping up like crazy all over Vancouver—and nowhere more than in the downtown core. This emerging trend is here to stay, and if you’ve ever tried an escape room, you know why.  Escape rooms are a rush—and if the games don’t get you, watching your friends totally freak out trying to solve them will. But with so many great rooms to chose from, what’s a person to do? Whether you’re looking for your next date night, a get-together for you pals, or an outside-the-box team building event, we’ve got some interesting suggestions for you.

Find and Seek Puzzle Adventures
88 W Pender Street

Once you try The Majestic Theatre at Find and Seek Puzzle Adventures on West Pender you’ll be waiting with bated breath to see what they come up with next. This popular escape house currently has just one escape room open–but they’re working on more. The Majestic Theatre has it all, from super high quality production design right down to custom made props, all the way to the seamless incorporation of technology. Solving certain puzzles will trigger lighting changes or cause a door to open to the next room—making the whole experience that much more immersive. You’ll also enjoy the hinting system—there are encouraging dings that sound when you’re on the right track, and hints and clues will appear on the TV screen in the room when you get stuck. The price is great too, at $25 per person.

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Exit West Broadway

309 W Broadway

This escape room on West Broadway has a wide variety of rooms to choose from, including escape room classics like CSI: The Butcher Shop featuring a psycho killer and Transylvania: Vampire Hunters. But if you’re looking for something a little lighter, check out Candy Coaster, a Willy Wonka–inspired room with lots of visual interest. Like the other Exit locations across Vancouver, Exit on West Broadway features top-notch room design and immersion. There are a fair amount of lockboxes, so die-hard escape artists keep that in mind when booking. The price is $24 per person.

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150 W Hastings Street

Even if you feel like you’ve tried every escape room in Vancouver, you’ve got to try G.U.E.S.S. HQ in Gastown. G.U.E.S.S. HQ takes the standard escape experience and turbocharges it with two super produced rooms, full of creative puzzles and more than your typical dollar shop props. Each room has a full backstory, and the rooms themselves are designed for full immersion. You’ve never done a room like this before—and you probably never will again. Luckily there are a bunch of great pubs in Gastown where you can recuperate after the quest. The price is $30 per person.

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Smarty Pantz

289 Abbott Street

SmartyPantz goes the extra mile when it comes to providing you with the best possible escape room experience. They don’t mind keeping you in the dark (until you find the light yourself), squeezing you into tiny spaces, and entertaining your wits to the max. If you’re in a mood for a fast-paced adventure with only 45 minutes to escape, then check out one of their four rooms. There is a cool retro waiting area where you can chill before the game. The price per player is $25.

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1129 Granville Street

While escape rooms may be all the rage, no one wants to spend their allotted time being frustrated, agitated, and confused. That’s what’s great about i-Exit on Granville. Its puzzles are logical and follow a linear progression and there are no jump scares or nerve wrecking riddles. All you need to escape one of the four rooms is a good team, great communication, and a curious mind. i-Exit may not rank in the top ten for room design and immersion, but this is a solid escape experience that will delight first timers and die-hards alike. The price for these rooms is $30 per person.

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