Top Cooking Classes For Your Next Date In Toronto

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It can be hard to keep coming up with good ideas for date night. Going out for a meal is a classic standby, but nothing is worse than those awkward moments when conversation dwindles. Whether you go out every Friday with your sweetheart or you’re trying to work up the courage to ask out someone new, try a cooking class next time there’s a call for romance. After all, when you’re trying to spice things up, the best place to start is the kitchen. Here are the best cooking classes in Toronto for your next date.

#1 – Aphrodite Cooks
St. Clair West

Yes, this culinary studio is called Aphrodite Cooks. Located on Weston Road, Aphrodite Cooks, as you can imagine, offers great cooking classes for couples. They have one on the books about once a month, and they always change up the menu so you can keep coming back. There’s a good variety of dishes here, from Italian comfort food, to Asian cuisine, to paring dishes with beer. But they sell out fast so if you’re interested make sure you book well in advance.

#2 – Sushi Making for the Soul
St. Clair West

If you’re keen to try something new for date night, but anxious about not breaking the bank, check out Sushi Making for the Soul. Here you can learn how to make your very own makimonos for the manageable cost of $50 per person. Sushi Making for the Soul is located near St. Clair West, a lovely neighbourhood for a first-date stroll, and is run by the fun and personable Chef Sang Kim. Their sushi classes are held every Friday and Saturday night. You’ll get a little sushi trivia in this class along with sweet sushi skills–and sake and Sapporo are on sale for your enjoyment.

#3 – Viva Tastings
Baldwin Village

Viva Tastings on Henry Street near College and McCaul is super serious about cooking, and—you’re in luck—they offer couples cooking classes too. In their professional kitchen you’ll learn the importance of choosing the right ingredients to make delicious food. But Viva Tastings is also super serious about fun, so this is a great place to have a good time with the person you love most. Their couples classes are usually last two to two and a half hours and are made up of 12 people.


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