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Toronto’s Spookiest Escape Rooms

Updated July 20, 2018

People do escape rooms for all different kinds of reasons, and with so many great escape rooms in Toronto, it’s not hard to jump in for a game wherever you are. Some people love the puzzles and problem solving, others like to get goofy with their friends. Still others have a sick desire to get completely and utterly freaked out of their minds. If you appreciate a good scare, check out these scary escape rooms in Toronto. We have to warn you, some of these rooms are so scary, you’ll need a stiff drink to take the edge off after. Try them, if you dare.

toronto escape rooms#1 – Butcher’s Basement at Round About Canada
Yonge & Dundas

This room is not recommended for children or people with sensitive stomachs… Follow the narrow stairway from Yonge Street and you’ll find Butcher’s Basement by Round About Canada, one of the scariest escape rooms in the city. Trying to locate a friend who’s gone missing, you follow the clues to an out of the way butcher shop. But as soon as you step inside, you realize that it’s all a trap and now you have to escape your own tragic ending. The difficulty level for this room is set for beginners, but advanced players will also love it for its incredible atmosphere. Luckily, there are plenty of great bars nearby, so after you escape you can grab a drink to wash away the creepy feels in your stomach. There are also lots great places to grab a bite, you know, if you’re in a mood for some meat…

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toronto escape room#2 – Where Dark Things Dwell by Secret City Adventures
Black Creek Pioneer Village

If you’ve been lucky enough to try the escape rooms at Casa Loma, you’ll love this new, large-scale escape game at Black Creek Pioneer Village. Designed by the same company that bought you the Escape Casa Loma series, Where Dark Things Dwell is a 60-player game that spans the village, incorporating its historic buildings throughout. You and your friends will be placed into a group of six and you’ll have an hour and a half to uncover the mystery of the strange curse that’s fallen over the village. But you’ll have more than just the clock to contend with—you’ll be racing to beat the other teams while also trying to avoid the strange figures wandering the streets wearing dark cloaks and spooky masks…

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toronto escape rooms#3 – Charlotte at Captive
Yonge & Dundas

If you like scary murder mysteries, then this room is for you. A deranged father gruesomely murders his two daughters—Charlotte and her sister—and even after 20 years a strange presence lingers in their house. If you’re looking for a good scare, check out this room at Captive near Yonge & Dundas Square. This multi-room escape room has 45 minutes of gameplay and, while it doesn’t have any hi-tech puzzles, don’t underestimate the awesomeness of this escape room. They make excellent used of the space available to them: this room is located in the attic of the building, so bonus points for creaky floors, spooky gables, and eerie lighting.

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toronto escape rooms#4 – Noriko at Escape Games
North York

Can you imagine being trapped in a Japanese house as your soul is possessed by an evil spirit, all the while trying to unlock the mystery of this haunted house and escape? That’s the story of Noriko at Escape Games, located near Sheppard West subway station. A little girl has been murdered and her soul is now attached to yours. She wants revenge, and you want to get the heck out! The set is amazing—there’s props, music, creative puzzles, and creepy sounds. The gameplay here isn’t linear, so you can easily split your team into two groups and divide and conquer. It can host up to twelve people, but you should maybe limit your group to six or seven, just to be comfortable.

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toronto escape rooms#5 – Unmask at Freeing Canada Station
Richmond Hill

What’s hiding behind the mask? On the lookout for a missing friend you follow a lead that brings you to the laboratory of a suspicious doctor. Rumour has it that he’s been experimenting with combining animal genes with human ones. You have 45 minutes to crack the case before you become his next subject! This room has some super difficult puzzles, so assemble a team of professional room escapers. The design is impeccable, and the story is truly disturbing. Grab some free popcorn in the lounge area on your way out and find out yourself why this place has some of the best customer service in Toronto.

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escape from the 6 escape room
#6 – Escape the Wild West at Escape From the 6

Scary not really your thing? Not to worry–escape games don’t need to leave you lying awake in the night. The only scary thing about Escape from the 6 in Mississauga is how great their puzzles are. This escape house is home to two completely family friendly escape rooms, including Escape the Wild West which features fun cowboy-style props and and a classic outlaw-style storyline. For those looking for the puzzles without the pantwetting, this is the room for you.

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