Top 10 Reasons to Try Archery Tag Now

archery tag

Archery tag is a unique and fun way to spend some quality time exercising and socializing with friends. You get a bow, safety glasses, and foam-tipped arrows and you get to fight your friends for victory. For an hour or two, you can be Legolas or Hawkeye, maybe even Katniss Everdeen. Check out our top ten reasons to try this amazing game!

#1 – It’s super fun!

The first thing that should motivate you to do anything is that it should be fun. In archery tag, you’ll have enemy fire raining down on you in a hair-raising battle to the death—and you’ll taste the sweet joy of shooting arrows at your friends and co-workers. It is exciting enough to keep you moving and safe enough to make you comfortable. You get to relive your favorite movies and books and enjoy the thrill of being a superhero.

#2 – Suitable for groups of any size

When the weekend rolls around and you are looking for a fun way to spend your free time, it can be difficult to find an activity that accommodates a large group of people. Archery tag can generally accommodate groups of four to twenty! So you can bring the whole neighborhood if you want.

#3 – It counts as exercise

The perfect pastime is the one that keeps you mentally and physically engaged. With archery tag, you get both. While you have to prep your team for a winning strategy, you also have to do lots of running, sliding, and diving. You’ll definitely work on your upper body strength, even with low weight archery tag bows. To be able to avoid the arrow hit you will have to move around like a real warrior.

#4 – You can play it outdoors

It is fun to play outside, especially if you’re a hardcore Robin Hood fan. (Who isn’t?) Some archery tag venues have the option of playing outdoors in the warm months. What better way to get some fresh air and exercise?

#5 – Actually, you can play in anywhere!

With mobile archery tag companies, you can book your archery party for any location you want. There are few things to keep in mind, however, the main combat field has to be 40 feet wide and 70 feet long, so you can do it in your backyard if it’s big enough. Also, if you have access to a soccer field, maybe an old warehouse, they can make it happen there. This is great for larger parties, for groups of 10 to 20 people.

#6 – The games are awesome

You don’t just show up, get handed a quiver of arrows, a bow, some stinky safety gear, and get told to get a move on. First of all, the venues always take you through a quick archery lesson and safety training. Second of all, most venues have preset games you can play. These are scenarios they’ve created that the employees take you and your pals through so you can have an awesome combat fight. There are ones that are obvious, like capture the flag, but there are also some super creative ones. Some venues have over 35 combat scenarios, from games like Sniper to Gladiator, Assassin,  Vampire, and Necromancer.

#7 – It’s suitable for kids

Archery tag is great for kids—though over-protective parents may disagree! Most companies wouldn’t recommend children younger than six engage in combat (probably a good idea), but you can safely take your little ones six and older to experience this amazing game. They will have fun and the physical exercise will mean that you get a rest later at home.

#8 – It’s great for parties

Archery tag is a great way to mix up how you celebrate with your friends. They’re great for bachelor parties, bachelorettes, and birthday parties. It’s got the action and camaraderie of paintball without all the welts.

#9 – It helps you relieve pressure and stress

Engaging in any sort of physical activity is great for stress relief but with archery tag, you can go one step further. You’re working out and enjoying all the endorphins that brings, but you’re also engaging in combat, firing arrows, hitting opponents, and dominating the pitch. It’s a rush. And if even shooting arrows won’t take the edge off, if you booked your archery tag game at Battle Sports, they also happen to have a rage room on the premises.

#10 – It’s fun in wintertime

It’s not what you think—we are not suggesting that you play in the snow like Legolas when he was crossing Caradhras in a blizzard. (But, you know, you always could try a Nordic game of archery tag. It’s probably a lot of fun. . .) No, we’re just saying that warm indoor venues are the perfect thing to lure you away from your couch in the dead of February. There is no need to turn into a nasty couch potato when the snow flies. You can get out, socialize, and have fun.

If you’ve already tried archery tag, then you know that it really gets you moving, and that it’s absolutely necessary to break a sweat to have a good game. It’s healthy and entertaining and many people play it not just for exercising, but also because it’s different, fun, and engaging. If you want to play archery tag Toronto is the city with so many different options, you just need to find your favorite.

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