Good-For-You Things To Do In Kitsilano

cooking classes

It’s not hard to say active in Kitsilano. Just taking a stroll along Kits Point and admiring the view over English Bay can be enough to recharge your energy levels. But if you’re ambitious there’s much more that Kitsilano can offer you, from good-for-you workouts (Lululemon optional) to good-for-you cooking classes and, after a long day, some good-for-you cocktail making classes. For when you find yourself without ideas, check out these healthy and wholesome things to get up to in Kits.

#1 – Learn about holistic cooking at Nourish

Nourish located on the edge of Kitsilano, between Kits and Point Grey, has a philosophy behind its cooking school based on a sustainability, a love for good food and flavors, and care for the environment. Here you can learn how to combine seasonal ingredients to make the best rustic Italian, savory French, and exotic Chinese meals. Expect out of this world dressings, and forget about meals covered in store-brought sauces and artificial seasoning. The food here nourishes the body and the soul.

#2 – Discover new cocktails at Metropolitan Bartending School

It’s all relative, but how can you be living a healthy lifestyle without delicious homemade cocktails? When you add fresh oranges, tomatoes, crushed herbs, and leafy garnishes to all your favorite drinks, that’s got to be good for you. Pick up some new tricks and have a blast doing so at the Metropolitan Bartending School on West Broadway. This place isn’t just for professionals, they also offer recreational classes. Here you’ll learn the theory and practical application of cocktail making. Take this class if you’re interested in what goes where, and why some combinations taste better.

#3 – Start cooking at home with the help of Quince

If you don’t already know Quince for their delicious artisan-quality takeaway fare, you should know them for their in-studio cooking classes. After all, homemade cooking is without a doubt the best way to enjoy a sustainable healthy lifestyle. If you need some encouragement to get into the kitchen, then just head on over to Quince and learn how to make your own artisan-quality meals from scratch. Their approach is downright practical, simple, and full of tips and tricks that will make cooking so much easier–even though their menus are anything but ordinary.

#4 – Dive into new adventures at the Diving Locker

Learn to be more aware of your surroundings in a scuba diving course at the Diving Locker on West 4th right by The Naam. Scuba diving is a great way to stay active, meet likeminded people, and explore the wonderful underwater world. The Intro to Scuba class at the Diving Locker will take you on your first trip underwater where you’ll learn how to breathe underwater.

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