Why Choose Experiences Over Things?

At Hijinks, we believe that enjoying incredible experiences with friends, family, and co-workers, brings more joy and meaning to life. Sounds intuitive, doesn’t it? Well perhaps there’s more to it than just intuition.

A story in The Atlantic, “Buy Experiences, Not Things” seeks to prove that buying an experience really does make people happier. One of the benefits of buying an experience is that your involvement takes place over multiple stages. You have the phase of anticipation, when you’ve booked an experience and can only imagine what it will be like . During the experience itself, you get to share feelings, emotions and a sense of accomplishment with others. Afterwards, there’s a lifetime of shared memories to look back on.

If you are spending your money on things, however, you don’t get that same emotional response. The last time I bought a new toaster, there was not a lot of anticipation, I didn’t share the experience with friends, family, or co-workers, and while I like to eat toast on occasion, I’d hardly call a toaster a source of a lifetime of memories. That said, the smell of burning Pop-Tarts is something that’s hard to forget.

The challenge we’re trying to address at Hijinks, is that buying a thing is easy, but buying an experience is a lot more complicated. Our mission is to make it as easy to research and book an incredible experience online, as it is to buy a toaster. We can’t wait to bring this vision to life and help everyone choose experiences over things.

If you agree, don’t be shy. Send your story, suggestions, and requests to info@hijinkslife.com and help us make the world a happier place!

About Hijinks

Hijinks is the online marketplace that makes it easy to discover and book life experiences to enjoy with friends, family, and co-workers. Whether it’s an escape room visit, cooking class, or team building activity, we provide comprehensive listings, customer ratings and reviews, and easy browse and search functionality to help you book with confidence. For more information check us out here!