What is Paint Night?

paint night

Paint night has become super popular in the last couple of years, but if you’ve never been to paint night before, you may find yourself wondering what the heck it is. Sure you’ve seen the photos on Facebook of all your friends holding up identical paintings, clutching wine glasses in their hands, but you’ve probably asked yourself, first, why didn’t I get invited? And also, what are they doing? Even if you think you know what paint night is about, we bet you don’t know that there are many different types of paint night out there, or that some studios let you pick your own painting medium. Well, good news is we’re here to explain it all to you.

You get to paint with your friends

At its core, paint night is a creative way to hang out with your friends. You get to go to a local bar or to a painting studio, hang out with all your best friends, and create a masterpiece. Most studios will put their own spin on things, but that’s it in a nutshell. Most of these painting studios also have cool cafes with excellent selections of tea, coffee, and cakes—and sometimes wine and beet too!

You learn to paint

At paint night you learn to paint. Don’t worry, you’re not just set loose on the canvas. There’s a teacher there to help you. Most paint nights last from one to two hours and begin with an introduction in which the teacher preps you to begin your painting. You’ll learn about mixing colours, the application of paint on the canvas, and how to create good composition. In the most popular configuration of this trend, everyone in the class is working toward creating their own version of the same painting. The teacher will lead your through the painting step-by-step, helping you to create the image yourself, and then while you’re working he or she will wander through the easels offering advice and answering questions.

You can pick the style that suits your needs

A painting workshop (detailed above) is the most popular version of paint night and it’s the best option for groups of friends, birthday parties, and bachelor and bachelorette parties. But it’s not the only type of paint night you can get up to. There’s also the collaborative workshop and the freestyle workshop. These are less common and not every studio offers them.

In a collaborative workshop, a large group will work together to complete one huge painting. Each participant works on a small piece of the larger picture on their own small canvas; when all the small canvases are combined, they make one large painting. Collaborative workshops are perfect for work colleagues and family members because everyone adds a special twist to the picture.

Another option is the freestyle painting workshop. Freestyle painting is just what you think it is—you drop into the studio during freestyle hours and let loose. You pay a fee and receive a painting space and a canvas, and are granted free range over the studio’s extensive painting supplies. The teachers are also available, at most studios, to help you if you need assistance mixing colours or coming up with a strong composition. These workshops are great for people who love painting and want to fit in some creative time during their busy week. They’re also great for dates and for off-beat birthday parties.

You get to work with different media

Most studios work with acrylic paint, but if you do a little research you can also find paint nights that will let you play with different media. The best part about paint night is that you can paint and have a great time without having to buy all the super expensive painting supplies. If you’ve ever tried to pick up a paint brush at Curry’s, you know what we mean. Worst of all is when you pick watercolour but then, after buying all the supplies, realize you want to go oil. You cannot use a watercolour brush to paint with oils. It’s sad, but it’s true.

You can drink alcohol

Obviously this is a huge part of the appeal. Some studios have bars in the studio so you can drink while you paint. Other paint nights host workshops in bars so you can, again, drink while you paint. Other studios aren’t licensed but you can apply for a special occasion permit for those special, bachelorette occasions.

It’s therapeutic

No, for real, painting is really good for you! It’s great to get out, do something with your hands, and shut down your brain for a while. Painting workshops are a favorite among those who like to try new things, meet new people, and explore new sides to themselves. At these painting studios you have a chance to relax for an hour or two and give your brain a little vacation.

They will come to you

A great option for paint night, if you are planning a special occasion, is a mobile paint night. In the summer you can book paint night in your backyard and enjoy an afternoon with friends while also working on your tan. This also comes in handy when booking corporate events, in the case that you’d like the paint night to come to your office to cut down on travel time for your team.

If you decide to try paint night, there are a lot of options to you. It’s not all Facebook selfies! You can bring a friend or fly solo, choose one with coffee and cake, or enjoy wine while letting loose. But whatever you choose, you can rest assured it will be a lot of fun. Find your favorite among all the options for paint nights near you!

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