Super Fun Things To Do In Richmond, BC

Only twenty minutes away from downtown Vancouver, Richmond has so much more to offer than awesome Chinese food and Danny’s screamers (though let’s not make light of how delicious those are). From some of the best escape rooms in the city to the only venue where you can play real archery tag, there’s plenty of reasons to stay local when you’re looking for something fun to do in Richmond. Check out these eight awesome activities in Richmond!

#1 – Archery Tag at 6pack Indoor Beach

Don’t worry, you don’t have to have a six pack to pick up a game of archery tag here. Open seven days a week, 6pack Indoor Beach is a great place to get up to something fun with your friends. Archery tag is like paintball, only instead of super painful capsules of paint hurtling at you at ungodly speeds, you’ll be whipping foam-tipped arrows at your friends. You can book a session with your pals, or you can drop by for open archery and play with other archers at the arena. The beach sand adds a sweet new level to this popular game—soft landings.

#2 – Lockdown Escape Room

There’s a reason Lockdown is a favorite across Vancouver, not only in Richmond. They’ve got four rooms here, each filled with puzzles to solve and mysteries to crack. Experienced players will enjoy Nuclear Crisis which has absolutely no lockboxes (escape roomer’s dream!). They’re super nice too so if it’s your first time, they’ll make sure you’re set before they lock the door. The price for all the rooms is $25, and you’ll need at least four people to play the game.

#3 – Speeders Indoor ProKarts

If you’ve got a need for speed, Speeders Indoor ProKarts is the place for you. While there’s no empirical data out on this—yet—Speeders fans swear up and down these are the fastest go-karts in Richmond. Speed comes at a premium, because this place is the more expensive option in the city. The venue is massive, and there’s a comfy area for your pals to watch (if they let you drag them out the race track anymore!). One race, which includes 14 laps, is $20, but if you’re really a fan you can buy three or even five races.

#4 – Richmond Indoor Paintball

Whether you get a thrill out of shooting your buddies in the behind or are still trying to recreate that iconic scene from 10 Things I Hate About You, paintball’s a pastime for everyone. Richmond Indoor Paintball is the premier indoor paintball experience in the Vancouver area. Book an all-day game for $50, including 100 paintballs and gear rental. Sure you can get a cheaper game in one of the outdoor fields around the city, but you pay top dollar here for the high-quality facility—including the clean bathrooms. (Trust us, you’ll be grateful.) This is a place for real paintball, with music blasting from the speakers and zealous paintballers rushing through the field.

#5 – Time Escape

Near the Aberdeen Centre is another great Vancouver escape room, Time Escape. Time Escape is known for its logical room design, with high quality puzzles and super friendly, down-to-earth staff. If you and your friends like to play games and don’t easily get intimidated by a brain twister or two, then book a room at Time Escape. These rooms challenge your logic skills and push you to think outside of the box—and with over six rooms to choose from you can keep coming back for more. Exciting and challenging, for $24 per escaper this could be your next adventure.

#6- TBC Indoor Racing

Stepping into TBC Indoor Racing may feel like stepping back into the 1990s with their coin operated arcade machines, but the go-karts speak for themselves. This is a smaller space than Speeders, but if you’ve got a small group this might be the best option for you. Admission is a bit cheaper and if there’s only six or so in your group, there’s plenty of track for everyone. The awesome bonus are the two super tight turns in the track where you can practice your Toyko drift. Check out their special price deals if you’re looking for deeper savings.

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