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Best Rock Climbing Gyms in Vancouver

We all know Vancouver is spoiled for rock climbing, so it should come as no surprise that it’s an embarrassment of riches when it comes to indoor rock climbing as well. Though of course you’d rather be out climbing in Murrin Park or the Lynn Valley, there are plenty of good options for those days when the weather just won’t cooperate. And while you can enjoy all the beauty of the great outdoors when you’re outside, from breathtaking vistas, burning sunsets, and lush forested trails, when you’re inside you can enjoy some of the most beautiful climbing gyms in Canada. Take a look at these top rock climbing gyms in Vancouver!

Cliffhanger Climbing Gyms

Cliffhanger Climbing Gyms has been a fixture in the Vancouver climbing community for more than 20 years. Once you’re inside you’ll see its bigger than it seems, with plenty of bouldering routes and top rope walls with a lot of levels. Absolute beginners can take the Intro to Climbing course for $69 where they’ll learn all about climbing equipment, knots, belaying, and techniques. What makes this course popular is the two-week climbing membership they toss in, totally for free. A day pass, for experienced climbers, is $20. Regular climbers like this gym for its ever-changing routes, and beginners praise its staff for great customer service and teaching skills.

Climb Base5

Climb Base5 is an excellent choice for those who have tried rock climbing a few time before. This indoor climbing gym is located in Coquitlam and it’s huge—over 17,000 square feet of climbing terrain. There are a lead climbing routes, bouldering options, and even crack climbing. A day pass is $19, and for those who want unlimited gym time, there is a monthly option for $62/month. This rock climbing gym is different from the rest because it’s big, super challenging, and constantly changing. This is a good option for those who have a climbing buddy, or are looking to find one.

The Hive

The Hive bouldering gyms are some of the fanciest climbing facilities in Vancouver. They are massive, well-organized, diverse, and designed for skill levels. The Hive North Shore is a great gym for beginner boulders. The walls are challenging, so everyone can enjoy them, but there is also great teaching area in the back and plenty of courses to choose from. Feeling stiff after a climbing? Check out their yoga classes for a good stretch after your workout. The Hive in Strathcona, even has a course called Women in Bouldering, dedicated to tackled aspects that are unique to women in climbing. The good thing is you can climb in bouldering areas without a partner, though there will be plenty of opportunities to meet a new one here. The drop-in pass for both gyms is $21, and if you’re late night climber you can drop in for $16.

Coastal Climbing Centre

What makes Coastal Climbing Centre a favorite is their creative wall design. They have a great variety of routes, lead climbs, an extensive bouldering area, including two caves, and a full-gym traverse. This is definitely a place where experienced climbers can experiment with different routes and push their limits. A lot of climbers from downtown Vancouver come to Surry to progress at Coastal Climbing. If you are new to climbing then the Beginner Climbing Course is for here. Here you’ll learn about knots, equipment, and two-week gym pass. Not bad. The beginner course is $60 and a day pass is $18.

The Rock Wall Climbing Gym

If you are looking for great instruction and a good time, then The Rock Wall Climbing Gym is the place for you. At this family-run gym, they believe that rock climbing will change your life—and they’ve been watching it do just that for over ten years. They promote social climbing, but there are also a bunch of auto-belay options for those who prefer to fly solo. Instead of specifically making routes for beginners like other gyms, they have a really robust beginner training program that will help you to grow and develop as a climber. Their Top Rope Belay lesson is $65 and once you complete it you can successfully climb on your own. Public drop-in is $15, and a day pass is $17.

The Edge Climbing Centre

Another great North Vancouver gym, The Edge Climbing Centre, has everything a beginner climber could wish for. The atmosphere is relaxed, which means the design is not quite as polished as other rock climbing gyms, but the laidback policy means a lot of freedom for climbers. It’s rarely overcrowded, so you can take your first lesson knowing that you’ll have the instructor’s full attention. Their Introduction to Indoor Climbing class covers the basics of climbing in three hours for $69. If you enjoy yourself, a one-week membership is included so you can come back and try your skills. A day pass is $20.

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