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Best Cooking Classes And Studios In Calgary

When was the last time you cooked a meal from scratch in your own kitchen? Or actually went out for date night with your significant other? Try something different and have a blast doing it too with these best cooking classes in Calgary. From comfort food staples to exotic French desserts and everything in between, you’ll pick up some new skills in the kitchen while also enjoying a night out

Calgary cooking classes
#1 – ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen
Calgary SW

The ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen is a professional cooking school with a casual and fun atmosphere. Their bright and spacious cooking studio has a professional feel while also being super welcoming and cozy. They offer hands-on evening and weekend classes as well as weekday lunch ‘n’ learn demonstrations. The menus cover a huge variety of tastes, from mighty sandwiches to extra crusty pies and Spanish specialties, Italian gourmet, and holiday cooking.

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Average cooking class costs: $75/person

#2 – SAIT Culinary Campus
Calgary SW

This downtown cooking school offers a variety of courses taught by professional chefs from intro to cooking classes to specialty dishes and even date night classes. We’re especially keen on their Tour of the World offerings where you can learn, hands-on, how to prepare specialties from all around the world. Given that this spot is super fancy and that food top notch, this is a great spot to have a cooking class date night.

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Average cooking class costs: $100/person

#3 – Cookbook Co. Cooks
Calgary SW

Cookbook Co. Cooks is more than just a bookstore and cooking school, it’s a culinary community. Cookbook Co. Cooks has been teaching Calgarians how to cook healthy and delicious food since the mid-80s and they continue to do so today. Offering classes everyday (sometimes more than once a day) this is a great go-to spot for casual learning—and you might even run into your favorite celebrity chef here! They regularly host celebrity chef workshops and book launches. Try Italian, French, vegetarian, cooking with beer, and more.

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Average cooking class costs: $90/person


Calgary cooking classes#4 – Sunterra Market
Calgary SE

Sunterra Market has some of the most affordable cooking classes in Calgary. If you think you want to try a cooking class but are on the fence, Sunterra is a good option for you. Not only do they have a huge variety of options, from $16 lunch ‘n’ learns to $50 social kitchens and kids cooking classes, they also offer a wide variety of flavors. Try Hawaiian or Latin American food, learn to perfect your Sangria, or make five different types of soup all in one night. Once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Why wouldn’t you want to spend an evening socializing over good food?

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Average cooking class costs: $30

#5 – Cuisine et Chateau
Calgary NW

If you’re a fan of international cuisine you’ll be love Cuisine et Chateau. Offering classes daily—and often several times a day—Cuisine et chateau is your go-to place for professional international cuisine. Enjoy their intro to bread class, try your hand at Thai, take a three-hour workshop on Spanish Tapas, or check out their twist on a classic sushi course. This is an excellent choice for those who like to indulge in fine food. The menus are fresh, bright, and tasty and they will help you to discover new flavors and textures that you can use at home anytime.

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Average class costs: $119

#6 – Poppy Innovations
De Winton

Located about thirty minutes south of Calgary in De Winton, Poppy Innovations is well worth the trip if you’re into healthy organic cooking. With their focus on healthy, sustainable meals, Poppy Innovations offers Gate to Plate workshops that teach you how to grow, harvest, and preserve amazing produce. Despite what you might think, the menus here are fresh and completely delicious, and no one is going to force feed you kale. For a different date night check out their couples cooking classes, which combine an hour at the shooting range with a cooking workshop.

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Average cooking class costs: $80

Calgary cooking classes#7 – The Spice Chica
Calgary NW

If you like strong flavors and even stronger attitudes, then The Spice Chica is for you. They promote simple eating, laidback cooking, and the importance of not taking yourself (or others) too seriously. These classes are fun and social, and the menus range from Spanish to Argentinean, Mexican, and Italian with an emphasis on cooking from scratch with only a few ingredients. Here you’ll find out more about spice blends and how to use them, and can even purchase some of their homemade mixes at their shop.

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Average cooking class costs: $75

#8 – Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft

Sugar, spice, and everything nice! If you are the type who likes to make birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, and just-because cakes, then a cake decorating workshop might interest you. At Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft, you can choose from several cake decorating workshops and learn about frosting, cake design, and edible elements.

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Average cooking class costs: $100

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