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Top Escape Rooms in New York

Updated September 16, 2019

Escape rooms are a great way to get out with your friends, celebrate a birthday, or bond with your co-workers. But with so many escape rooms in New York City, it’s hard to know which ones are good. And while it may seem scary to get locked into a room with nothing but your wits to save you–even worse is getting locked into a bad escape room with broken clues, sketchy set design, and an apathetic gamemaster. Quit worrying and check out our list of the top escape rooms in New York City.

clue chase escape room midtown
#1 – Clue Chase

Both new and experienced escapers will love Clue Chase in Midtown. Located in the Grace building right by Bryant Park, Clue Chase is a puzzle-first escape room, with a real focus on game design. The puzzles are challenging, but not impossible, and there’s a good mix of tech and analog clues. Beginners should book The Ultimate Heist—and anyone who wants a real challenge should check out The Lost Spy. Most rooms take from four to ten people but if you have a larger group check out their Alien Encounter room for groups up to 12 people.

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Escape Entertainment NYC
#2 – Escape Entertainment

Located close to the Empire State Building, Escape Entertainment offers something for everyone. They have a beginner, intermediate and advanced rooms so you can start off easy if you’re new, and ramp up the challenge (and fun) as you go. There’s also a great option for corporate groups looking for the ultimate challenge as you can book two identical rooms and divide into teams to see who will emerge first.  This location gets great reviews for having well thought out rooms and helpful staff.  

If you’re new to escape rooms check out Prohibition Pandemonium which is well suited for beginners. Manhattan Mayhem is best if you’re looking for a little more challenge and features puzzles inspired by different famous NYC landmarks.  For the ultimate test, book the Alien Attack room which couples advanced technologies with creative puzzle design to keep your group thinking outside the box.

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mission escape games new york city
#3 – Mission Escape Games

Mission Escape Games is known for its high quality escape rooms in New York City and across the country.  Check out their new midtown Manhattan location to find out for yourself. This isn’t just another escape game franchise in which they duplicate their games at every location. These games have fun storylines and incorporate the latest tech into their rooms in a way that is fun and delightful, without sacrificing game design. This one’s a must visit!

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OMEscape NYC

#4 – OMEscape
Hell’s Kitchen

If you expect your escape room experience to be a cut above, check out OMEscape in Hell’s Kitchen. Within walking distance of Penn Station and Times Square, OMEscape really brings it when it comes to room and game design. These rooms incorporate tech in a way that is sure to please die-hard room escapers and delight first-timers—forget about the lockboxes and combination locks. The rooms here have a creepy bent, from Laboratory of Biohazard in which a crazy scientist is trying to poison New York City from his secret sewer lab, to The Penitentiary in which a serial killer sentenced to death has mysteriously disappeared from his cell. This is one of the pricier options, at $38 per player on Friday nights and weekends (it’s $33 otherwise), but when you consider the quality of the experience, it’s no wonder.

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escape rooms new york city
#5 – I Survived The Room
Long Island City

This escape room in Long Island City isn’t messing around. It’s not your typical escape game: these guys have upped the ante by creating a game with puzzles all cleverly linked to a central storyline and incorporating a cast of professional actors, lighting, and effects. They pride themselves on offering a fully immersive escape room experience that is theatrically driven and totally creepy. They’re currently rocking a Sanatorium-themed room and offer a wicked Zombie experience on Friday nights. Looking for a private experience? You’ll need to buy the whole room. And heads up, these rooms aren’t for the faint of heart. 

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Komnata Quest NYC

#6 – Komnata Quest
Brooklyn | Long Island City | Financial District

With three locations in New York City, Komnata Quest is known for its high-quality game design, immersive storylines, and stellar room decor. The Brooklyn location is their biggest, but they also have a location in the Financial District and another in Long Island City. The tech in these rooms is out of this world—as you enter, you will slowly sink into the story thanks to the flickering light effects and creepy soundtracks that make the atmosphere wholly immersive. Komnata Quest also won’t put you in with other escapers—these are private room escape experiences. It’s $30$35 per player on weekdays and $40$45 evenings and weekends.

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escape rooms new york city
#7 – Exodus Escape Rooms

Exodus Escape Rooms, formerly known as 5959 Escape Rooms, is a beautifully designed escape room in the heart of Koreatown. They have three rooms to choose from, including a classic Sherlock Holmes detective story. The puzzles are fairly lockbox heavy, which might bother escape room addicts, but are perfectly fine for first-time and neophyte escapers. Beginners will especially love Exodus, since the clues are unlimited here—in fact you don’t even need to ask for clues, you get them automatically as you play. The gamemaster monitors your progress and offers hints via a TV screen in the corner of the room when you appear to be stuck. They will pair you up with other players here, so keep that in mind while booking.

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