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Why An Escape Room Should Be Your Next Team Building Activity

Escape rooms may be one of newer experience providers on the block, but they have quickly supplanted the standard team building activities. Escape rooms are cropping up everywhere—leaving companies with plenty of options to chose from. And while your typical bowling night might be more familiar—an escape room is going to give you and your team a unique bonding experience. And here’s why we think so.

#1 – Working together is a must

To successfully escape from an escape room, your team has to work together as a whole. It doesn’t work if someone is hoarding all the clues and trying to piece it together on their own. Clues will be hidden all over the place and everyone will have to work together to find them, share them, and collectively decipher their meaning.

#2 – Communication is key

You’ve got to communicate with each other if you’re going to get out of there alive. (Only joking! Nobody dies if they fail to escape from an escape room! Or . . . do they?) You’re all going to be uncovering clues and if you don’t pool your collective findings and communicate the best way forward, you guys just aren’t going to make it.

#3 – Each player brings something valuable to the game

Everyone on your team has different strengths. As a team you are more valuable than the sum of your parts! You’re going to need everyone to bring their unique knowledge and experience, their special eye and aptitudes, to solve the puzzles. For example, one person on your team may be killer at decoding the combination locks on lock boxes because she has a mind for math and can quickly go through all the combo permutations. Someone else on your team may quickly recognize the language patterns in a set of clues because of his killer analytical skills.

# 4 – Nothing bonds like the threat of death

Joke! But not really. In almost all of these escape room scenarios you’re fighting the clock and your lives are pretty much always on the line. You may have forty-five minutes or maybe an hour but as soon as that door closes and the lock turns, the race is on. And nothing bonds like working together, frantically, for a common goal.

# 5 – Makes for one heck of a story!

Better than bowling night, that’s for sure! You guys will have something really fun to talk about at post–escape room drinks—debriefs, after all, being an absolutely integral part of the experience. Like how sweet it was when you cracked the final puzzle with only moments to spare—or how funny it was that one co-worker was a total (lovable?) control freak with one of the puzzles. Or how another co-worker fully screamed when he was startled by a motion-activated feature. You’ll have fodder for the water cooler for weeks.

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