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Top Escape Rooms in Richmond, BC

Escape room junkies know that Richmond is the place to go if you’re looking to level up your escape experience. New escape rooms are popping up in Vancouver all the time, but Richmond is home to the cutting-edge puzzles and super scary storylines that you’ve been looking for. If you and your pals are looking to play an escape room and experience something totally out of this world, start with the best! Check out these awesome escape rooms that you can find in Richmond, BC.

#1 – Time Escape
3471 No 3 Road, Unit 140

Truly the next level of escape rooms, Time Escape has some of the most innovative puzzles in all of British Columbia. There are seven different rooms here, some creepy, some disturbingly difficult, but all of them interesting in their own way. The rooms are designed to bring out the best of the theme and story, so the whole experience is super immersive. A single room is $24 per person.

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#2 – Lockdown Escape
12571 Bridgeport Road, Unit 170

Cool technical effects–both visual and audio–can make a simple escape game incredibly exciting. That’s exactly how the rooms are designed at Lockdown Escape on Bridgeport Road. There are four different rooms here, and for each you get 45 minutes to escape. That means you’ll need to work a bit faster, be a bit brighter, and not get frustrated during fast-paced gameplay. And, listen up escape aficionados, not all the puzzles here are lock-based which is a huge plus, and a lot of them are mechanical. The price per person is $25.

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#3 – Freeing Canada Station
11860 Hammersmith Way, Unit 173

If you’re in the mood for challenging puzzles, check out one of the six rooms at Freeing Canada Station. This escape house is perfect for friendly get-togethers and for larger escape crews. The puzzles are so advanced, each team will need a newbie, a fast thinker, a logician, and someone good with words and numbers! The price per room ranges from $23–$26, depending on the difficulty of the room. The great thing about these rooms is that the tension slowly builds up, so you can take full advantage of that sweet adrenaline rush.

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