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Top Escape Rooms In Boston

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or have never done an escape room before in your life, there’s an incredible selection of escape rooms for you in Boston. So forget about dinner and a movie or about spending the night at the bar. Shake things up with an escape room next time you’re looking to go out and have some fun. Check out our list of the top escape rooms in Boston.

#1 – Trapology Boston
177 Tremont Street, Floor 2

If you’re looking for an impeccable escape room experience, Trapology is for you. Centrally located, Trapology has totally immersive rooms with excellent game design—and super Boston-centric stories. These rooms will appeal to Boston locals—and the customer service will definitely bring you back to play again.

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Boston escape room#2 –  Amaze Escape
7 Central Street, Arlington

Located outside of Boston in Arlington, this is the escape room experience for you if you’re looking for an authentic atmosphere. Check out Escape from Death Row by Amaze Escape, set in the turn-of-the-century jail cells of the old Arlington Police Station. You’ll have sixty minutes to escape, before the guards come to get you. . .

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#3 – Room Escapers
112 Blackstone Street, Boston  |  3 School Street, Boston

Known for its great themes and well-thought out puzzles, this central Boston escape room has just opened a second location on School Street with four new exciting escape rooms coming in early 2018. Room Escapers frequently bases their themes on events from Boston’s history, giving this escape house a fun local edge. If you’ve been before, it’s worth a second visit. They’ve updated their original game The Pirate’s Booty with its sequel: The Lost Ship!

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Boston escape room#4 – Wicked Escapes
425R Broadway, Saugus

Wicked Escapes in Saugas is known for its narrative-driven design and fully immersive experience. Check out their most popular room, Cell Block 4, in which you and your friends will be placed in prison cells with only 60 minutes to escape. Bonus, your get to don orange jumpsuits and fake tattoos to get into the mood. Don’t miss their other rooms, The Great Museum Heist Caper Job and The Hole. The location is a little out of the way, but for games this good, the trek is totally worth it.

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Boston escape room#5 – North Shore Escape
397 Main Street, Woburn

A new addition to Boston escape room scene, North Shore Escape is home to Mystery at the Art Gallery, a room with excellent game design and linear puzzles. This room is suited to first time escapers and veteran escape artists. But note, if you don’t have enough people in your party to fill the room, they will group you in with strangers.

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#6 – Escape Games Worcester
108 Grove Street, Worcester

At Escape Games Worcester there are four rooms to choose from: The Museum, Crime Scene, The Conspiracy, and Fallout. Their most popular room is Crime Scene which sees you and your friends locked into the apartment of a murdered student, hunting for clues to solve the crime. You’ll need to keep an eye out for QR codes that unlock new puzzles–and keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase all slots to ensure a private game.

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Boston escape rooms#7 – Escape The Room Boston
33 West Street, Floor 3

Sometimes you just want to go out and have fun without getting your pants scared off. We get it—that’s why Escape The Room Boston is such a good choice. Check out their three rooms, The Office, The Apartment, The Dig, all with fun scenarios, familiar Boston storylines, and no (we repeat, no) pants-wetting moments. Just make sure you bring a group to fill the room if you’re not keen on getting put in with strangers!

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