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6 Super Fun Things To Do In Williamsburg

There’s a reason rents are going up in Williamsburg. From boundary-pushing restaurants, to rooftop bars, craft brews, and waterfront flea markets, Williamsburg is the place to be. But there’s much more to Williamsburg than its thriving arts and culture scene. This is also the home to a popular off-beat parkour gym, the Momofuku Milk Bar baking workshop, and farm-to-table cooking classes. Check out these 6 activities you’ve got to try in Williamsburg.

 #1 – Master your favorite Milk Bar treats  

Fans of Momofuku Milk Bar won’t need an introduction to this Williamsburg delight. Join forces with the Milk Bar’s top-notch team and learn how to make all your favorites, one delicious treat at a time. From those easy layer cakes that skip the fancy frosting in favor of unfinished edges, to the sugary-buttery confection as addictive as the name implies, the crack pie, these baking classes will equip you with everything you need to know to make your favorites at home. Located on Hope Street between Marcy and Havemeyer, this cooking studio offers new courses almost every night.

#2 – Become a ninja at Williamburg’s own Brooklyn Zoo

There’s no reason why working out has to be boring. At Brooklyn Zoo in East Williamsburg it’s anything but. This alternative fitness center serves up an eclectic mix of movement classes from circus school to aerial silks, ninja warrior training to parkour. Ninja warrior training, loosely connected to parkour, is the ultimate workout, challenging you to overcome a series of demanding obstacles all designed to attack different muscle groups in your body. Check out Brooklyn Zoo’s ninja warrior classes for your intro to this wicked sport.

#3 – Be a tourist in your own city

There’s always something more to discover in Williamburg, from the ever changing landscape of its street art, to the dynamic world of foods and flavors. Be a tourist in your own city for a day and discover the best Williamsburg has to offer with Like a Local’s Williamsburg Bites walking tour. Feast on the delicious foods from local favorites against the backdrop of this fascinating neighborhood. You also have the option to supplement the tour with beer or (and?) cocktails along the way, with valid ID of course.

#4 – Master the art of Japanese cooking

Get the authentic Japanese experience in East Williamsburg. Osakana is exactly what you’d expect to find in a neighborhood seafood shop in Japan. Here you can learn how to make Japanese specialties—and we’re not just talking about sushi. Pick from ramen or sashimi at home, learn the art of Japanese fish preparation, and master Japanese knife skills. These are small classes suited to groups of six to ten guests and the price is right at only $35 per person. They don’t serve sake or alcohol during the class though, so if you’re going with some pals make sure you pick your favorite nearby bar for drinks after.

#5 – Learn to paint, with wine

You may have dreaded art class in elementary school but you’re a grown up now and part of being a grown up is overcoming your fears. Not to mention, Painting Lounge in Williamsburg is a BYOB art studio and we think you’ll find a little liquid courage goes a long way. Take a night off and take it easy at a painting workshop. In this relaxed, social setting an artist will guide you through the creation of your own masterpiece, step-by-step. Bring your friends and your favorite glass of vino. Classes are open to everyone 18 and up, but you must be legal drinking age to imbibe.

#6 – Take a cooking class at The Brooklyn Kitchen

If you’re always looking to find more sustainable ways to shop for groceries and prepare meals, you’ll love The Brooklyn Kitchen. Located on Frost in Williamburg’s North Side, The Brooklyn Kitchen is a cooking store with a full-service butcher shop that specializes in locally-sourced, well-raised meat and a produce section that feels more like a farmer’s market than a grocery store. They also, it so happens, offer incredible cooking classes. In their trendy kitchen with its rustic feel and exposed brick walls, check out classes in traditional Japanese cooking, the tastes of Spain, homemade dumplings, and comforting American classics.

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