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Now That Summer’s Over, Re-Energize Your Team With A Cool Event


Many workplaces experience an exodus over the summer that can leave you with empty lunch tables and lonely coffee breaks. Throughout the months of July and August, offices experience the inevitable ebb and flow of empty desks, with employees appearing and disappearing until fall descends. Whether it’s great weather or kids on school break, the summer is the time to re-energize with some well-deserved downtime.

Getting back into the right operating rhythm can be a challenge

But when the kids are back at school and the office is at full-strength again, getting back into the right operating rhythm can be a challenge, especially when your employees are still dreaming about lying on a dock or thinking about their next swim. A great way to solve for that is to take a pause from the day-to-day and organize a quick team building event to re-focus the group. It can act as a “bridge” from a low-energy summer to a highly productive fall. Best yet, an effective team building event can be executed with a relatively low level of effort and cost.

Start by thinking through your objectives for the event

Start by defining your objectives. Knowing what will help the team re-focus will guide you to the best activity for your group. Perhaps your team hasn’t re-established the level of collaborative communication you had in place before the summer began. Group activities such as escape rooms have a time-based component that require your team to communicate effectively to successfully complete the task at hand.

Maybe you have a big project that requires a high degree of planning and collaboration? Organize a group cooking class, divide the team into a few groups to make it a fun competition. If the team wants to create a delicious meal and win the competition, they will need to think through menu items and plan efficiently, choosing the right sauce and colorful garnishes! If your goal is simply to increase the bond between the team members, some companies like to host a lunch, but it’s easy to spice it up and make it a meaningful event instead. If the team is mad about sushi, why not try a sushi making class and have them learn to make it for themselves?

Choose the best experience for your team and your objectives

If you have defined the right objectives for your event and matched it to the best experience, your team members will re-engage into their roles with ease. A team event is not only an excellent way to accomplish your selected goal, it also creates memories for months afterwards.

That’s where we can help. We know experiences, and we know how to use them to help you achieve your team building goals. Come and check us out and find out how we can help you build a happy and productive workplace.

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