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Learn How To Surf With These Waikiki Surf Lessons

If you’re on Oahu, Waikiki is a great place for beginner surf lessons. You won’t find the wicked waves or sharp rocks of other Oahu beaches here—only a long expanse of smooth, white sand with views of Diamond Head in the distance. Waikiki is home to beginner-sized waves that break both left and right and are well spaced out offering long, gentle rides. The reef here is also deep underwater, so you don’t need to worry about scrapes and bumps. Check out these awesome surf lessons Waikiki has on offer!

surf lessons waikiki#1 – Gone Surfing Hawaii

If you like to get right down to it, Gone Surfing Hawaii is the school for you. Here you’ll spend most of your time in the water and get that sweet surf lesson Waikiki style. These lessons are for private groups only, so they’re a great option for families looking to learn together and parents wanting to stay close to their kids throughout the lesson. Those who wish to learn one-on-one can take a private lesson.

surf lessons waikiki#2 – Surf HNL

The only knock against Waikiki is that it can get crazy crowded. Enjoy the convenience of this location without the crowds with a surf lesson at nearby Ala Moana Beach Park with Surf HNL. A great spot for first-time surfers, Ala Moana Beach is protected by an outer reef making for calm waters and excellent beginner surf breaks. There are never more than 4 people per instructor in these small-group lessons. Bring some cash in case you get hungry after the lesson—the burgers from the nearby Surf & Snack concession stand are awesome.


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