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There’s a reason we feel a need to try new things in the fall. Summers are crazy and full of adventure, but in the fall everyone gets back to the usual routine, back to school and back to work. In a lot of ways it feels like a time for new beginnings—a time to pick up a new skill and try out new experiences. If you enjoy trying new things be sure to check out our suggestions for this fall!

Learn to make delicious Indian food

At Arvinda’s on Bathurst Street just north of Bloor you can learn how to make traditional Indian food and finally get a grasp on how to use all those intimidating spices. Mother-and-daughter duo Arvinda and Preena give amazing lessons on how to blend spices in order to achieve that mesmerizing perfection of Indian cooking. You will learn how to make basic and traditional dishes, how to cook healthy meals, and how to make vegetarian mains with ease. There is a great beginner class—intro to Indian cooking—and when you master that, go ahead and learn more—from how to make creamy butter chicken to mouthwatering shahi paneer. Classes are held in the kitchen of Nella Cucina.

Learn to paint (while drinking)

Pinot’s Palette is a hip new painting venue on Dundas West in the Junction that offers social painting classes. They are one of the only dedicated painting studios in Toronto that also serves alcohol so here you can learn how to paint while sipping wine or beer and enjoying the friendly atmosphere. Painting has never been so fun and easy! You don’t have to buy supplies or find a convenient corner in your place to do it alone, you can just book a class and let loose. This way you get to hang out with cool people, have fun, see your friends, and discover the joy of painting. And when you’re done, you’re in Toronto’s awesome Junction area—added bonus!

Learn to make sushi

At Sushi Making for the Soul on Weston Road you can learn how to make your very own sushi. They offer two courses, one of them on makimonos just for beginners. There are five types of makimonos (sushi rolls), and in this class you’ll learn everything you need to know to be an expert. You’ll learn about the history of the makimono, discover some interesting facts about sushi, and have lots of fun. Offered on Friday and Saturday nights, these classes are a great way to kick off your weekend in style. Take this class and all winter you can enjoy homemade sushi!

Learn how to make perfect pie crust

There is something extremely satisfying about a homemade pie. But it’s so disappointing when you try to make it yourself and the crust is never quite right! No matter how carefully you follow the instructions, when you’re making pie crust from scratch it seems like something always goes wrong. Well, say goodbye to weak, broken, and dry pie crust and learn how to make perfect pastry at Le Dolci! It’s astonishing how well they teach these classes, and after you learn all the tricks your pies will be amazing. Le Dolci, located on Dundas Street West just north of Trinity Bellwoods, is a pastry heaven. They are known for their French macaroons, éclairs, puffy pastry, and super nice interior.

Learn to dance hip-hop

Now it’s getting cold outside, it’s time to learn how to have a great time indoors! It’s amazing how great it feels to hit the dance floor and show off your moves. We are firm believers that you should always dance like no one is watching, but if you’d rather nail the basics before busting a move we warmly encourage you to take a drop-in dance class or two. At City Dance Corps on Queen Street West you can join a group of dance enthusiasts and learn how to keep up with the best of them. You can do a one-hour drop-in class for about the same price you’d pay to go to the movies. These classes are great for beginners and you don’t have to have any experience to join.

It’s always good to try new things—you never know what’s going to become part of your lifestyle. Like hip-hop dancing, which can serve as a great cardio workout, or a painting class which can be your own little meditation time. You probably won’t put “can make perfect pie crust” on your resume, but you’ll be proud as hell when you finally master that technique. And all of you exotic souls can show off your cooking skills with friends and loved ones. So don’t just sit at home this fall—get out and try something new from all that Hijinks has to offer.

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