Top Cocktail Classes In And Around Boston

It’s pretty obvious why cocktails are amazing. They taste great, they come in a variety of flavors, and, if you do it right, each one is like a tiny work of art. If you’re curious about the nature of cocktail making and want to learn how to craft the very best drinks, check out these top cocktail classes in Boston. Not only are they educational, they’re also a fun way to get tipsy and a great way to hang out with your friends.

No. 9 Park#1 – No. 9 Park

Whether you prefer a stiff drink or fruity flavor explosion, there are tons of different ways to mix your cocktails. No. 9 Park offers a monthly cocktail making class on Sundays where professional bartenders get together to share their knowledge—and each of their classes has a unique theme. Check out their upcoming offerings, from a boozy history of Boston cocktail class to cocktail classes that focus on giving you tools to make great cocktails in your own home. These classes are hands-on and, besides making and tasting cocktails, you’ll also get to enjoy complimentary snacks. The decor and atmosphere fall just between fancy and laid-back cool.

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Average cocktail class costs: $95

The Boston Shaker#2 – The Boston Shaker

If you’re looking to get the basics under your belt before launching off into craft cocktail heaven, Boston Shaker is the place for you. This cocktail making studio and specialty store is your go-to place for shakers, glasses, and those tiny umbrellas for colorful drinks. Their cocktail making class is limited to 12 people and its main focus is to teach proper cocktail making technique. This is a great place for beginners and anyone looking to learn how to make a drink just right every time.

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Average cocktail class costs: $70

Professional School of Bartending#3 – Professional School of Bartending

The Professional School of Bartending is your go-to spot if you’re looking to become a certified bartender—but did you know they also offer recreational bartending classes? Check out their Flare Bartending Class were you can take your basic cocktail-making skills to the next level. Learn how to flip bottles, toss tins, and mix cocktails with pizazz. After this class, you’ll be all set to host an awesome dinner party.

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Average cocktail class costs: pricing varies

DrinkMaster Boston#4 – DrinkMaster Bartending School of Boston
Downtown, Worcester, & Framingham

It’s okay to experiment with cocktails—but sometimes it’s better to learn to make the classics before getting too crazy. With three locations in and around Boston, DrinkMaster Bartending School of Boston is a staple for learning those classic cocktails you’ll master in no time. Though this is a professional bartending school, they also offer recreational classes like their one-day Mixology class. The setting is real here: you’ll be behind a real bar and use real bartending tools.

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Average cocktail class costs: $145

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