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9 Top Cooking Classes in New York

Whether you’re looking to improve your cooking skills or want to change up date night, there’s a cooking class for you in New York City. From trendy studios at the back of high-end grocers in Williamsburg to full-service culinary schools in the Flatiron District, cooking classes in New York come in all shapes and sizes. For sharpening your skills, adding new recipes to your repertoire, or just for a fun night out, check out these top cooking classes in New York.

The Brooklyn Kitchen

If sustainable living is your jam, check out The Brooklyn Kitchen in Williamsburg. With their farm-to-table feel, The Brooklyn Kitchen offers classes covering all the basics from the perfect breakfast to seasonal cooking and exotic favorites. They specialize in comfort cooking and classic cuisine with a creative twist. But these classes go far beyond the cutting board, they’ll also teach you how to choose the right kitchenware, prepare meat, and bake. Their rustic kitchen with exposed brick walls is the place to get your chef on.

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My Cooking Party

Master the art of home cooking at one of My Cooking Party’s public cooking classes. From everyday gourmet to classic comfort food, My Cooking Party will see you walk away with a few more tricks up your apron. Learn how to prepare a lobster dinner, master the NY strip, or perfectly roast a chicken with a side of fluffy couscous. The philosophy here is to balance the three elements of cooking–protein, starch, and vegetables–while enriching everyday dishes with special ingredients. The studio at the Flatiron location is classically modern and spacious, with lots of prep space. They specialize in corporate team building and private parties, so think of this place for corporate events and bachelor/bachelorettes.

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Hudson Table
Hudson Table

This modern cooking studio is worth crossing the Hudson for. The Hudson Table is the culinary center of Hoboken, serving up classes in classic comfort food and hearty international dishes with a zesty twist. The studio is huge with big floor to ceiling windows, and it makes a great gathering place for parties and events. They offer demonstration classes alongside their traditional cooking workshops. This is also one of the more affordable options, with classes starting at $85 per person. Couples and large groups of friends will find this studio exceptionally enjoyable.

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Milk Bar Bakery

Those who know and love the Momofuku Milk Bar need no introduction to this sumptuous cooking studio. When you step into the Milk Bar Bakery in Williamsburg, you’ll think you’re in of sugar heaven. At this Milk Bar studio, join forces with the Milk Bar team to make all your favorites, from those tantalizing layer cakes that skip the frosting in favor of unfinished edges showcasing all the goodness inside to everyone’s favorite treat to sneak, the crack pie. Make sure you bring a cake carrier and have your Uber ready to go because you get to take everything you make home. This can be a great class to take with your mom, your girl, or your best friend.

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You’ve already heard of Eataly as the best place in New York to shop for Italian fare like pastas, sweets, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and fresh truffles. They also just so happen to be the best place to pick up some Italian tricks in the kitchen. Their bestselling classes are their fresh pasta class, gnocchi-making class, and hands-on pizza party class—but they also offer a rotating array of jaw-droppingly delicious courses. These classes ring in at $125 per person, but they also offer fast labs in specific skills like pesto making and tiramisu at $35 a class.

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 Haven's Kitchen
Haven’s Kitchen

Haven’s Kitchen is a cooking studio dedicated to gourmands, culinary enthusiasts, and those who enjoy good dinner conversation. This Chelsea cooking studio is known for their carefully selected menus, professional chef instructors, and the philosophy of sustainability and mindful eating. From Japanese to Middle Eastern, to classic home cooking and cozy everyday eating, you’ll learn how to replicate these meals on your own, on a budget, while also being environmentally friendly. Set in Haven’s elegantly modern kitchen, these classes are perfect for foodie date nights, friendly reunions, or family adventures in the kitchen.

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The Institute of Culinary Education
Battery Park

If you want to pick up practical skills from a professional chef, check out the Institute of Culinary Education. These classes cover everything from basic knife skills classes to mastering surf and turf at home to comforting winter vegetarian meals. Located in Battery Park, the institute has several gorgeous cooking studios with state-of-the-art prep stations and lots of natural light. They specialize in private parties and host lots of team building events too, if you’re looking to book something creative.

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Natural Gourmet Institute

For those who are looking for a holistic approach to cooking, grocery shopping, and meal planning, check out the Natural Gourmet Institute in the Flatiron District. Here you’ll learn everything you need to know about healthy eating, from ingredient selection and combination to how to season your dishes without overdoing it on the calories. They cater to all types and preferences here from gluten-free to vegan and everything in between. They offer certificate programs in addition to evening cooking classes—learn how to start your own food business, become a food blogger, and more.

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