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7 Different Ways to Workout In North Vancouver

When it’s time to get that beach-ready body, you don’t need to spend hours at the gym doing the same repetitive exercises. You can get a workout doing the things you love, like rock climbing, paddleboarding, and even paintball. Check out these options for changing up your workout in North Van including—of course—the newest trend in alt workouts, barre fitness.

#1 – Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one the best things you can do to stay fit in Vancouver. But if you’re new to the sport, start at the indoor gym before embarking on an outdoor adventure. At The Hive North Shore begin with an intro lesson and you’ll be bouldering like a pro in no time. Save some cash during Late Night Drop-In Hours, offered from 9pm to 11pm, or check out a monthly membership.

Choose this for: a full-body workout that never gets boring

#2 – Paintball

Though it’s not what you’d expect from this combative sport, paintball’s adrenaline-pumping combination of running, crouching, and crawling makes it a great alternative fitness option. North Shore Paintball located on Lower Capilano Road right by the Lion’s Gate Bridge offers general admission at $25–$15 if you have your own gear. Be sure to check out their deals—women get in free on Fridays and Thursdays enjoy half-price admission. But note, this place is cash only.

Choose this for: an adrenaline-fuelled workout

#3 – Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding may look super chill, but it’s actually a great workout. Exercise your arms, strengthen your back, and improve posture and balance at Northshore Kayaks by renting a SUP board for the afternoon. Rentals are offered in two-hour increments starting at $25 for two hours. Bonus, you’ll get killer arms and lots of vitamin D.

Choose this for: a chill upper-body workout

#4 – Barre Fitness

There’s a reason barre fitness is so popular: this full-body workout combines cardio and strength training in a dance-like workout that’s also a lot of fun. Barre Fitness’s North Shore location is a beautiful, brightly lit studio where drop-in classes cost $22, but if you want to achieve that lean ballerina look, check out unlimited classes with the monthly membership for $160.

Choose this for: a fun workout that combines cardio and strength-training

#5 – Kayaking

Get some sun while also getting your sweat on. Northshore Kayaks at the base of the Indian Arm fjord offers kayaking lessons, rentals, and daytrips and tours. Fit in your workout while also taking in some of the most breathtaking vistas Vancouver has to offer.

Choose this for: an upper-body workout with stunning views

SUP Yoga#6 – SUP Yoga

There’s some pretty heavy motivation to nail your poses if failing to do so means falling in the water. Stand up paddleboarding yoga is an exciting and yet relaxing way to change up your workout. Meditating on the calm waters of Deep Cove will make you feel zen, while the yoga poses will exercise your legs, core, and arms. Check out SUP Yoga classes at the Deep Cove Kayak Centre for $45.

Choose this for: a chill workout with wicked stabilizing muscle benefits

#7 – Bubble Soccer

This is a workout that’s really better among friends. First of all, what’s the point of a hilarious bubble soccer wipe-out if no one is there to see it? But also, it’s really hard to have a hilarious bubble soccer wipe-out by yourself. Bubble Ball Vancouver is a bubble soccer company serving the North Vancouver Area—all you need to do is pick your venue or an outdoor field and assemble your team of bubble soccer players. Eight players minimum!

Choose this for: a silly workout with lots of running, diving, and bumping

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