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Spooky Activities for Halloween

What’s not to love about Halloween—from trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving to horror movie marathons, it is the perfect time to have some fun with friends and family. We assume you all have a favorite monster—vampires, zombies, or ghosts maybe. Why not visit them in some of the spooky escape rooms in GTA? Or, you can maybe try something completely new—a glow in the dark trampoline experience. Somehow, everything’s better after dark—even archery!

Check out our suggestions for different and spooky activities to try this Halloween.

#1 – Glow in the Dark Archery Tag

At Archery Circuit you can enjoy archery tag in true Halloween form—under a blacklight with awesome glow in the dark effects. Located on Victoria Park Avenue in Scarborough, Archery Circuit easily combines fun and cardio. You will have the opportunity to do some practice shooting before entering the combat and there will always have a friendly member of staff available if you are in a need of assistance. This game is completely painless, but it is very intense and extremely satisfying. You can choose from one hour of archery tag to a two-hour combo battle, which includes nerf guns and dodgeball. Childish and competitive, it’s exactly what you need this Halloween.

#2- Spooky Escape Room Experience at Casa Loma

Try out the next level of escape rooms—playing the game with real live actors! At Escape Casa Loma on Austin Terrace you will find three different rooms all with amazing backstories. The most popular is the Escape from the Tower. This room has great puzzles, some of them really difficult, and real actors to take you through the story who won’t break character even for a second. It’s 1941 and your task is to find the coordinates of the enemy’s U-boats. King of the Bootleggers is another great room and it takes you right into the 1920s, a time of jazz and prohibition, in the basement of Casa Loma. In the last room, Station M, you and your friends stumble on an incredible secret, deep under the gothic exterior of Casa Loma. The stories will completely transport you to a different world. When it comes to puzzles, you will probably need to bring your best brainiacs, since some of them are pretty hardcore.

#3 – Glow in the Dark Trampoline Party

For a perfect start of the weekend, try a glow in the dark trampoline party! Sky Zone, holds one every Friday night! There are live DJs playing and a face painting station, where you can get your glow makeup on. For two-hour jump ticket, you’ll get a free t-shirt too! You can find Sky Zone in three different locations in GTA: Mississauga, Vaughan and Toronto, and the latter two only opened their glow in the dark parties on September 23rd—just in time for Halloween. Take your friends to an adrenaline-filled adventure and enjoy the party!

#4 – The Spookiest Escape Room in Town

Talking about spooky, this game will leave you with some nightmares. Butcher’s Basement at Round About Canada on Yonge Street in the downtown core is a crazy stimulating escape room game that will keep you off meat for some time. After being trapped in butcher’s basement, you will have to solve some difficult puzzles to find your way out there. These guys are not joking around with the props, so you’ll definitely want to have some of your closest friends with you on this one.

These spooky escape rooms may give you the creeps, but they’re also chock full of excitement. Or you can try out new glow in dark jumping, or archery tag, and give yourself an opportunity to unwind and celebrate this festive holiday with friends. Check out Hijinks for more awesome activities!

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