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4 Secret Ways to Save Money While Axe Throwing in Toronto

If you’ve ever wanted to go axe throwing but found the cost or the minimum booking requirements stopped you in your tracks, we’ve got the answer for you. Axe throwing is slicing through the city with axe throwing arena cropping up all over the place, but to book an axe throwing experience, you usually need to have a group of at least six to eight people and the cost typically rings in at $30 to $40 a head. While the expense isn’t much more than your average experience, organizing a group of eight friends to be in one place at one time is actually pretty much impossible. When’s the last time you got together eight of your closest friends on the fly? Exactly

Fortunately for you, most of the axe throwing providers in Toronto have options. If you dig deep enough, most have walk-in hours or discount rates. We’re here to do the digging for you.

#1 – The Devil’s X
$30/person Tuesday nights

The Devil’s X is offering a special deal on Tuesday nights. They’re offering a reduced rate of $30 per person plus tax for groups of eight or more. If you can manage to gather your friends together for this one, they’ll thank you for the discount!

An axe throwing session at the Devil’s X is 2.5 hours and includes instruction from an axe master followed by a bracing round of axe throwing games. With the Devil’s X close to Toronto’s Halo Brewery, this one in a no-brainer.

#2 – BATL
$20/hour walk-in sessions

BATL hosts regular walk-in hours at all of its GTA locations for only $20/hour. You can come with a few friends or by yourself. There are experienced instructors on hand during drop-in sessions to offer lessons to inexperience axe throwers or tips to the more seasoned hands.

Though, a note, walk-in sessions are open to the public so you will have to be respectful of those around you. You may not get the same time on the range as you would should you book a private axe throwing session (minimum 6 people starting at $30/person).

Here are the walk-in hours for the BATL locations in the GTA:

  • Fridays 5pm–8pm
  • Saturdays 11am–2pm
  • Sundays 2pm–5pm
#3 – Bad Axe Throwing
$20 an hour walk-sessions

Bad Axe Throwing hosts walk-in hours at the majority of its locations in the GTA. This is a good fit for you if you’ve got a smaller group or don’t want to commit to a full booking. Walk-ins are charged at $20/hour with one hour being the mandatory minimum booking available to you.

Though make sure you double-check the Bad Axe walk-in schedule before heading over, as the walk-hours are subject to change.

Here are the walk-in hours for the Bad Axe Throwing locations in the GTA:

  • Mississauga: Fridays 8pm–11pm; Saturdays 4pm–7pm, 8pm–11pm
  • Vaughan: Fridays 12pm–2pm, 3:30pm–5:00pm; Saturdays 4pm–7pm
  • Burlington: Tuesdays 12pm–2:30pm; Wednesdays 1pm–3:30pm, 4pm–7pm; Fridays 9pm–11pm; Saturdays 12pm–2:30pm; Sundays 4pm–7pm
  • Toronto: no walk-in times available currently.

#4 – Stryke Target Range
$40 per person for groups of 4

Stryke Target Range has the best rate for groups of four. While there are other axe throwing locations that will allow for smaller group bookings, you’ll be looking at about $60 a head. At Stryke, you can book a group of four at $40 each.

At Stryke, a booking typically lasts three hours and includes training from a personal coach followed by an axe throwing tournament. You can also pick your poison at Styke as they offer knife throwing, archery, and Tour de Stryke, in which you get mix and match battle weapons.

Even though axe throwing may take a little more planning than other experiences on offer, as soon as you sink that first bullseyes you’ll be hooked. And with some many sweet deals on offer in Toronto, you can now get up to axe throwing every week, it’s that’s what you want! It’s not a bad idea to build up your axe throwing abilities, especially in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Check out the top axe throwing locations in Toronto.

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