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12 Top Cooking Schools and Classes in Los Angeles

There’s no better feeling than coming home from a long day at work to a home-cooked meal. But when you’re the cook, keeping things fresh in the kitchen can be a real drag! Fortunately for you, there are a whole whack of cooking classes right here in Los Angeles, you’ll never want for help or inspiration. Whether you’re looking to master American comfort food, finally tackle Spanish tapas, introduce some new vegan dishes into your repertoire, or learn how to roast meat over an open flame, Los Angeles has the cooking class for you. Mix up date night, celebrate a milestone, or pick up some new skills with your friends with these 12 top cooking classes in LA.


The closest you can get to Japan without actually getting a plane ticket is in Downtown LA. Foodstory offers Japanese cooking classes where participants master the preparation of sushi and ramen while also learning the story of their creation. You won’t get restaurant-style food here, only classic, home-cooked, family recipes. The food is comforting, authentic, and exotic, and always seasoned with the best spices and made from top-quality ingredients. You will also get lots of tips on shopping, and guidance on how to properly store the groceries.

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Spork Foods
West Hollywood

Vegan and gluten-free cooking don’t have to be boring, and you don’t have to feel doomed to eat the same thing for the rest of your life. Just check out cooking classes at Spork Foods and you’ll see for yourself that there are infinite options when it comes to vegan or gluten-free cuisine. This studio in West Hollywood is owned by two sisters who can teach you how to make tacos, sweet and sour soups, vegan Chinese specialties, and even sushi!

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Hancock Park

Cooking is social because food always tastes best when it’s shared. Eatz is a fun cooking studio on La Brea near Melrose Avenue that specializes in international and exotic cuisine. But among the Paella Parties and Island Fevers on their calendar, you’ll also find whiskey-infused cooking classes as well as steakhouse at home courses. The idea at Eatz is to gather food lovers in the kitchen, divide them into teams, and make cooking a social event, where everything is shared, tasted, and made together.

Go here for: social cooking and international cuisine

The Gourmandise School

The Gourmandise School
Santa Monica

At The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica, everything is handmade—never prepared. These hands-on recreational classes last three hours and cover your favorite cuisines from all over the globe—not to mention being served up with a glass champers or two. There are regular couple’s nights where you can make exotic dishes as well as classes where you can get into rustic bread making, American comfort food, and puffing pastry to perfection.

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South Bay School of Cooking
Redondo Beach

At the South Bay School of Cooking, you’ll always get thorough instructions, practical tips, and amazing food. Prep your veggies, season your steaks, bring good friends and meet new ones while working together to make delicious food. There is a strong emphasis here on working together, so be prepared to talk to everyone and joke with the chefs. The menus are international, so expect sumptuous sushi, tangy Thai, hot and spicy Mexican, home-style brunch, and cooking with craft beer.

Go here for: international cuisine and novelty dishes

Chef Tech
Long Beach

This cooking school organizes regular workshops for professional cooks, but it’s their recreational classes that people are really interested in. If you’ve got a thing for Chinese takeout, or if you want to learn how to make classic pub fare like truffle fries and deviled eggs, Chef Tech is the place for you. Their classes can host up to 12 people, and there’s always something new to try. They’re real foodies here, even their knife skills classes have generous portions of guacamole or salsa.

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Orange County | West LA | East LA |Woodland Hills

Hipcooks introduces recipe-free classes with a special dose of liberation. There is no measuring, no rules, and everything is added roughly, approximately, and from the heart. The result of this hippy-dippy approach is classes full of people who have a great time and quickly become amazingly confident in the kitchen. You can find them at four locations: Orange County, West LA, East LA, and Woodland Hills. The classes are kept small, the atmosphere is amazing, and the menus are international. Learn how to make dim sum, Persian cuisine, Argentinean specialties, Indian meals, and Parisian dishes.

Go here for: exotic flavors and experimental cooking

Institute of Domestic Technology

If you want to learn how the ingredients you use are made, then head on over to the  Institute of Domestic Technology in Altadena. They will teach you how to make pasta, pickled veggies, cheese, and jam. The kitchen looks like it was teleported from another century. It’s warm and homey, and it gets even warmer when you try all the cocktails and bitters you’ve made. These classes will save you so many trips to the store, and once you complete them you’ll be able to make everything at home.

Go here for: food preservation and DIY tips

Sur la Table

Sur la Table
Westwood Village | Fairfax

Sur la Table is known for its premium cookware which you can use yourself in their stellar cooking classes. They offer demonstration and hands-on classes, as well as regular date nights (usually with international themes). The classes are a bit fast paced, and they tend to be short and sweet, so this can be a good option for when you need practical tips and fast answers. The most popular class here is their macarons class—is it any wonder why? They offer cooking classes at two LA locations: Westwood Village and Fairfax. Pay attention to their cancellation policy and don’t be late!

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Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom

Chef Eric’s Culinary Classroom is a cooking school where you will cover every step of the cooking process. You will learn essential knife skills, as well as how to prep ingredients, how to cook a dish to perfection, and how to serve a meal with class. Think of this as a professional class for amateurs. You can learn how to make refreshing Thai dishes, classic Italian cuisine, sultry Spanish, hot and spicy Indian, or French cuisine by Julia Child’s cookbook. Date night cooking classes are especially popular here, and they generally include Mediterranean dishes and steak. These classes usually comprise three- to five-course meals, so participants usually split up into few teams to conquer the meal together.

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Cook LA
Studio City

Cook LA is a culinary destination near Universal Studios that specializes in children’s workshops and international cooking classes. This is an intimate culinary studio where everyone can have fun. The classes are dynamic, there’s no rush to get things done, and everyone has an opportunity to ask questions and work individually. They use seasonal and fresh ingredients, and share tips on gluten- or dairy-free options. Menus are international, but they like to mix and match.

Go here for: intimate atmosphere and seasonal cooking

Eagle Rock

Have you ever tried making pizza in a stone oven, or make tapas over an open flame? At Wildwood you can learn how to make amazing dishes in traditional stone ovens, using wood and fire to roast, bake, and grill. There are classic meat classes, like Brazilian BBQ, or pastry classes where you’ll learn how to make real Italian pizza or bake rustic bread in the oven.

Go here for: hearty meat dishes cooked over an open flame

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