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Top Escape Rooms in Los Angeles

There are so many escape rooms in Los Angeles. But the tricky thing about escape rooms is that it’s hard to know which ones are good—and which ones are awful. Nothing is worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realize the escape room you booked is a total dud. Check out our list of the best escape rooms the city has to offer, and never book a bad escape room again! 

The Basement Sylmar
#1 – The Basement LA

It’s one thing to watch a horror movie, but another to be trapped inside one. That’s what you’ll get at The Basement LA, an escape house is Sylmar that advertises its games as “four different rooms in which to meet your grim demise.” Choose from The Basement, The Elevator Shaft, The Courtyard, and The Study.

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The Virus
#2 – The Virus
Central Los Angeles

Get the F Out’s leading escape game, The Virus, gives a whole new meaning to the concept of high-tech game design. The whole room is wired with super high-tech puzzles and complex interactions. And, if you mess up a puzzle and become “infected,” the walls start to close in on you. The room takes things to the next level—including a super sweet VR introduction to the story before you get in the room.

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#3 – Escapedom

There’s more to this two-room escape room near UCLA than meets the eye. Escapedom brings it with solid game design, thoughtful storylines and sets, and full-game immersion, setting it above your average escape house. Host by lively and helpful gamemasters, this is a solid choice for anyone looking for a high-quality experience.

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Escape Room LA
#4 – Escape Room LA

If you get a rush with every puzzle you solve, go to Escape Room LA—they have thousands of them! Escape Rooms LA has five rooms: The Cavern, The Detective, The Theatre, The Alchemist, and The Pyramid. The Theatre has puzzles within puzzles and lots of word play, while the Detective is full of codes and maps. In The Alchemist, you’re on a quest to unite all four elements.

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ESC Escape Room
#5 – ESC Escape Room
North Hollywood

This new Los Angeles escape room is located inside a shipping container in North Hollywood. As they say on the website, the first puzzle is finding them. But once you’re there, there are a lot more puzzles to dig your teeth into. Expect a good variety of difficulty levels, from real head-scratchers to those ones you’ll crack in moments. Look forward to the final room, which people are calling genuinely inventive.

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escape hotel hollywood
#6 – Escape Hotel Hollywood

When it comes to the full experience, Escape Hotel Hollywood is one of the best. Located on Hollywood Boulevard, Escape Hotel Hollywood offers a fully immersive experience from the second you walk in the door with their ornately decorated art deco hotel lobby. The experience continues in the rooms, which are well designed with excellent sets and strong props. Best of all, this is a massive space with lots of rooms to choose from. You won’t be disappointed!

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room escape los angeles
#7 – Room Escape Los Angeles
West Hollywood

From saving the world to escaping a prison or robbing the highly secured bank, you’re going to love Room Escape Los Angeles. They’re masters at setting the scene, playing with lighting and sound effects to get the mood just right. Some of these games start in the dark, while others surprise you with incredible light effects. These rooms will get your blood pumping–partly due to the amazing set design and partly to the creative puzzles and fun clues. But give yourself lots of time to get here—it’s in West Hollywood.

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evil genius escape rooms
#8 – Evil Genius Escape Rooms
Arlington Heights

Evil Genius Escape Rooms goes all in on story. At this Arlington Heights escape house you can expect full immersion in an episodic adventure, locked in a battle of wits against one really evil genius. Each room is a chapter in the story, and each chapter draws you into the next. Start with chapter one in the late Bill Occam’s apartment, investigating his tragic, untimely death. Chapter two sees you in pursuit of a hot lead at Norcross Gallery, where you start to close in on your suspect…

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maze rooms
#9- Maze Rooms

One of the reasons this escape game franchise has been so successful in that they bring quality along with quantity. While some of their rooms are full of tech puzzles, others rely on themes to immerse you into the game, but all of them have high production value and unforgettable storylines. Be sure to check out the Cosmos Game at the Mid-Wilshire location, which is done entirely in VR.

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